National Geographic Highlights Pakistan’s ‘Most Wild & Beautiful Places’

Pakistan is home to one of the most beautiful and exquisite places in the world. This is why the country is being deemed as the best tourist destination in the world for 2020.

However, this wasn’t the case until 2017 when the country was among the worst places to travel to. However, a rapid improvement in the overall security situation has turned things around.

Now, the journey from terrorism to tourism is being lauded by the leading publications from all around the globe. The recent addition was an article published in National Geographic, a world leader in cartography and exploration.


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From the Karakoram ranges to Indus River Plains, the article, titled ‘Pakistan’s most wild and beautiful places,’ has highlighted some of the lesser-known yet exotic tourist spots in the country.

Many of us have heard of or experienced the breathtaking beauty of Deosai National Park, Kaghan Valley, Hunza and Neelum Valley. Heritage sites like Mohenjo-Daro or Hingol National Park, even the Makran Coastal Highway are equally appealing and attractive to thousands of foreign tourists?

About Makran Coast, the writer says:

The Makran Coastal Highway is a scenic drive along Pakistan’s Arabian Sea coast. Unique, lunar rock formations line a section of the highway known as the Buzi Pass in Hingol National Park. Natural rock sculptures, like the sphinx-shaped ‘Lion of Balochistan’ can be found along the highway.

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Image credit: Natgeo

Moreover, it also highlights the Baltoro Glacier in the eastern Karakoram. Being one of the best tourist attractions, Baltoro is challenging to access, yet receives tons of tourism traffic during the summers. It also becomes the primary source of water supply during the warmer times of the year.

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Image credit: Pierre Adenis

Publications like this are evidence that the incumbent government’s efforts towards promoting the country’s tourism sector are yielding results.

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  • Dear Blogger/ Author!
    Can you please share the link when you refer an article or foreign publications in your blog?
    It will be easier for us (expats) to share those links to our foreign friends and colleagues here.
    We also want to play a role in spreading good words about pakistan in the countries where we are living and be part of this peace and prosperity journey of our homeland.
    Thank you.

  • Interesting/enouraging. There’s a need to lure/motivate domestic tourism in Pakistan particularly Karachi with the beaches of the Arabian Sea, the coastal line of Balochistan survey is needed for the outreach of facilitation for barbecue, vegetables, fresh fruits and clean drinking water. Tourism resorts for very reasonable cost will stop negative thoughts of the youth will fade once they go out in the open sky, fresh air, sea breeze. PTDC should operate fleet buses EV’s electric bus which are noiseless, smokeless with glass all around to enjoy the scenic beauty which will be duty free for the tourism of Balochistan from Karachi. Mercedes, MAN buses are beautiful and will be enjoyable for very low cost tourism, promote peace, harmony, stop voilence, agression in big cities.

  • The article makes no mention of the beautiful historical monuments inc forts, mosques, mausoleums, gardens, etc in various cities like Lahore, Thatta, Multan, Peshawar, Karachi, the ruins at Taxila & Takht Bai, and the modern capital city of Islamabad.

  • Its awesome blog to describe the beauty of Pakistan among the world .
    It is our social duty to describe the beauty and peace of our beautiful Pakistan to those who always blame our country on the name of religious .
    Dear author there is need to add to some more detail and links to visit your blog.
    Please ! describe the beauty of our nation our religion our cities our people and our culture .

  • Pakistan is going towards the betterment my the grace of Allah, and we need such writers and bloggers who show Pakistan positivity to the rest of the world. We should respect our country as we are only because of Pakistan.

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