Islamabad Bans Handshakes, Hugging & Use of Biometric Machines

The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration has placed a ban on employees from greeting each other with handshakes and hugs amid Coronavirus fears.

ICT administration has issued several other precautionary measures for its employees that include a ban on using biometric attendance machines.

The capital administration has also urged citizens to avoid crowded areas and keep a distance of 2 meters from anyone suffering from flu.


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It has also recommended citizens to wear face masks, gloves, and use hand sanitizers to bring the risk of the virus down.

PIMS to Maintain Manual Attendance

Keeping in view the developing situation and ICT administration’s orders regarding COVID-19, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) has also ordered all its employees to discontinue the use of biometric attendance machines at the hospital.

According to an official circular issued by PIMS, the order to suspend biometric attendance comes into effect immediately and will stay enacted until further orders.


ED PIMS has also directed the heads of all departments to maintain manual attendance of the employees of their respective departments.

Moreover, heads of departments at PIMS have been ordered to ensure the availability of hand sanitizers and face masks in their departments.


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On the other hand, PIMS’ employees have also been directed to minimize human contact and ensure frequent hand washing to reduce the risk of contracting the disease.

Psychologists at Airports

PM’s Special Assistant on Health, Dr. Zafar Mirza, has ordered to deploy psychologists at all airports in the country to address the concerns of passengers regarding the spread of Coronavirus in Pakistan.

According to Dr. Mirza, the health ministry has tested around 200 suspected patients for Coronavirus. Out of 200, only 5 persons were tested positive for COVID-19.

Secretary Health Replaced

In another development linked with the health ministry, the federal government has relieved Dr. Allah Bakhsh Malik (BS-22) from the charge of secretary health.

The government has appointed Dr. Syed Tauqir Hussain Shan (BS-21) as incharge additional health secretary.

  • How can they “ban” it? They can’t dictate but can give advice on precautions to be taken. This might be in the interest of the people but they can’t ban or dictate.

    • Ali haider sahb this is not the issue of disctation or authority this is the issue of the public well being. We should not induldge in the discussion of dictating but to focus on the main issue.

      • Public well being can be ensured even without dictation, by spreading awareness. In Pakistan governments don’t do things unless it is to save their own skin. Very less they do for public. With that perception they shouldn’t dictate. Also Pakistan isn’t China where such measures are dictated.

        • I respect ur point of view. But dont b confined over one point government is sincerely creating awareness among general public alongwith taking such measures to minimize the risk of spreading this virus. So we should appreciate every step of government rather than to negativise the issue.

  • This should b banned completely in all the departments. This is not a matter of dictation but it is in the well being of people. So it should b followed in letter and spirit without taking into consideration the authority.

  • Kamzor Emaan. Kya isy jazbo se tum hjang ko jeet paoge. ProPakistani Kuch Acha share karo . Mardangy waly batain.

  • We thought that ICT & other PIMS based doctors have invented an anti venom treatment for COVID-19.
    As usual our doctors are also sleeping and waiting for something made in China sort of treatment.
    Why we paying these doctors from taxpayer pockets if they are looking busy and doing nothing in medical science and innovations?

    • When I was in school back in Pakistan and got sick I was taken to PIMS. I am of the belief that they have worst doctors but known as best in town as people have no choice.

      Now when I can afford most expensive dental treatment in the US I couldn’t afford that when I was a student back in Pakistan. In a similar case my two teeth had small cavities and I was feeling hot and cold. I went to PIMS for the treatment, got infected during the dental treatment at there and in a week’s time had to extract both teeth.

      On the other hand NIH Islamabad was hiding actual HIV cases number 20 years back when figure actually touched 23,000. NIH was claiming it to be 3,000 only. Even today it is doing the same.

      Both of these institutions are having responsibility to serve you during COVID-19 when they have a history of poor service e and lies .

  • For Coronavirus you want to destroy Islamic brotherhood this will further have azaab on Pakistani people.

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