Engro Polymer Reports Gas Leak at Port Qasim Plant

Engro Polymer and Chemicals (EPCL) has reported an isolated incident of gas leakage which occurred at the EPCL’s Plant at Port Qasim in the morning.

Earlier this morning at 10:10 am, there was an isolated incident of release of chlorine gas through the vents at Engro Polymer & Chemicals Plant, Port Qasim.

According to the notification to the PSX, some people have been shifted to a nearby medical facility for treatment of vomiting/nausea condition. The Company’s staff is accompanying these people to ensure that they receive adequate medical treatment. No injuries or fatalities have been reported, according to the initial reports.

According to the fact sheet available with us, this was a chlorine gas that was released through the vents. There was no explosion whatsoever, added the company.

It further read that prolonged exposure to Chlorine gas may be dangerous, however, in this incident, affectees have been provided first aid and there have not been reports of excessive exposure.

The company further stated that the gas release was immediately contained by shutting down the relevant part of the facility. Due to the swift identification of the incident and rapid response by employees, the matter was quickly contained and staff were immediately taken for necessary first aid to nearby medical facilities.

The company is gathering complete details related to the incident. As a precautionary measure, specific areas of the plant have been taken offline.

The Company will conduct a complete and thorough investigation into the incident and will keep the Exchange informed with any material developments in the matter.