Price & Variants Revealed for Toyota Yaris Sedan’s Pakistan Launch

Toyota Indus Motors is aiming to replace the Corolla Gli and Xli variants with the Yaris in its place. We have seen pictures of the car being tested on the roads and recently, pictures were leaked showing the various colors that will be offered at launch.

According to various reports, we have some news regarding its price along with its different variants.

The company is looking to introduce the car in both 1.5L and 1.3L capacity with the former having two variants and the latter having four – 6 variants in total.

You can see the expected prices below:

Variant Price (Lacs)
Yaris GLI MT  1.3 23.99-24.49
Yaris GLI CVT  1.3 25.48-25.99
Yaris ATIV MT  1.3 24.99-25.49
Yaris ATIV CVT  1.3 26.49-26.99
Yaris ATIV X MT 1.5 26.99-27.49
Yaris ATIV X CVT 1.5 28.59-29.09


It is pertinent to point out that the prices mentioned above are ex-factory.

According to reports it will be launching at the end of this month. While globally, the car is called Vios, the Yaris Sedan will compete against Honda’s City in Pakistan.

  • Get ready for become fool once again.
    گھوڑے کی قیمت میں کھوتا بیچنے کی تیاری.

  • The Original prices of Yaris varients launched in Pakistan, if compared to that of India  should range from PKR 18 ac to 24 lac max.
    (apply conversion rate of PKR 2.1 = 1 INR)
    Different sites are promoting yaris prices, & trying to inject higher inflated prices into minds of potential customers, thru malign marketing strategy .

    Taxes in Pakistan & India are same, except difference of FED .
    which comes out to be  approx PKR 75000 to 105000, from lowest to highest range models of Yaris  launched in Pakistan.

    The price of 
    Yaris ATIV X MT 1500cc,
    with  almost all features comes out to be approx 20 lac in Pakistan, inclusive of FED 80000 & GST, for additional FED, &

    For Yaris Gli MT 1300cc
    it is suppose to be even lesser than 20 lac, i.e PKR 18 lac max.

    This car cannot attract buyer,  if sold at higher & inflated price range.

    If Toyota wants to be the attract customers than they shall launch it with correct value price i.e.
    PKR 18 lac to 24 lac max inclusive of GST & FED in Pakistan.
    Toyota must ensure  logical  and truthful price for Yaris, instead of fake overpricing, as Suzuki, Honda& Kia, are already doing.
    This car can be a market leader, if sold at right price range, otherwise, at projected prices, it will be a failure, & poor investment.

    moreover, 1300 model has been launched only in pakistan, its price should accordingly be less than, fully loaded Yaris J & G model with 1500cc engine, equivalent to Yaris ATIV X MT 1500 cc, launched in Pakistan.

    Toyota should pass the benefit of cheaper cost of production to the public,  by keeping the prices at reasonable rates & focus on profit thru sale of high number of units.

    Highest model of Yaris in india is not launched in Pakistan.
    In Pakistan Yaris ATIV X MT 1500cc varients is much inferior to even Yaris G MT 1500cc, which is priced at INR 10.55 Lac and is equivalent to PKR 22.1 Lac

    G CVT 1500cc
    priced at INR 11.75 Lac
    which comes out to be  PKR  24.2 lac.

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