Pak Suzuki Announces Special Discount Offer on Alto 660cc for a Limited Time

In the past few months, we have seen local car makers offer various limited-time special deals as they look to improve struggling sales.

Toyota Indus offered free registration on the purchase of its Corolla XLi or GLi amongst other deals while last month, Pak Suzuki offered free registration for the WagonR.

Now, Suzuki is offering its Alto 660CC with free registration for the month of March to attract new customers.


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The company has decided to offer this promotion to celebrate that it has sold more than 29,000 units of the new Alto 660CC less than a year after it was launched. The company has said that this is its way of appreciating its loyal customers.

The offer is interesting because it is being announced in the form of a celebration as compared to other promotions we have seen in the past.

Toyota offered such offers in a bid to boost sales and sell-off its inventory as it plans to launch the Yaris, Suzuki offered it on WagonR due to dismal sales and even Honda is offering free registration on Honda City and BR-V due to poor sales.

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  • Bhai as usual half news di ha. Ap nein yeh tu nhe batya k “free registeration” ki waja se kitny paisy bachain gy?

  • بہت زیادہ ریٹس ہیں گاڑیوں کے خرید قوت کم ہونے پر کمپنیز مجبور ہیں کہ وہ کسٹمر کو زیادہ سے ریلیف دیں وجہ یہی ہے ر

  • Who you trying to fool, loyal customers have already bought your car without any any gifts, so how are you rewarding them unless they buy another car, which I can’t see happening.
    Loyal customers have had no bennefit , new customers will.

  • Pro Pakistani is exposing itself to be a paid medium that blows the tune it is told to blow. Seriously guys do some responsible journalism, it is becoming too obvious now.

  • Its actually discount of registration fee(16000 pkr) in total registration remaining taxes of about 26000 paid by customer.
    This is a big lie ???

  • when u go showroom, everyone is jahil there, and they will take your all money, by giving silly reason… unbelievable Pakistan suzuki

  • Wagnor price is not in range of every body’ fooling man your topic is different then the offer of registration . please fear from Allah see the worlds situations

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