PTCL CharJi – Unlimited Connectivity

Communication, entertainment and information services are becoming increasingly bandwidth intensive and consumers these days are seeking high-speed connectivity on the move, at home, in the car or at work.

If you depend on your Smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot (Wi-Fi tethering), there is a high likelihood of you draining your phone battery at a rapid pace. To cater to this demand, multiple operators in the country are racing to provide the best solution in the form of a Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot (a portable, standalone, battery-powered, Wi-Fi device).

If you are amongst such consumers who desire 24/7 connectivity and are on the hunt for the perfect blend of data volume, speed and value-for-money, look no further. After critically analyzing all the available solutions available in the market, we finally pulled out a solution for you that is not only the best option but also is the most affordable one – PTCL CharJi.


PTCL recently launched an Unlimited CharJi package which allows for endless browsing, streaming and downloading at any hour of the day. Most operators advertise data volumes which end up being divided between peak and off-peak hours.

However with CharJi, this unlimited volume is available to you 24/7 at only Rs. 1,999 per month, with no hidden charges. (Fair usage policy applies). No other package came close in our research.

Save Your Remaining Data:

CharJi packages are the only ones in the market that allow their users to carry-forward their remaining data by simply recharging during the validity period of the package. This means that unlike with other operators, you can save your remaining GB’s at the end of the month instead of letting them be wasted.


The CharJi Cloud is available for only Rs. 2,500 (which we feel is very reasonable considering it is the lowest amongst competitors). Additionally, the CharJi Cloud has the best battery time as this pocket-friendly device boasts a whopping 2,800 mAh battery allowing for up to 5 hours of constant usage.

This battery capacity is unavailable with other devices in the market. The CharJi cloud allows you to share your data connection with up to 10 other users.

Convenience at your doorstep:

This is not all! PTCL is the only operator providing you with convenient Cash-on-delivery with Biometric verification and top-up facility at your doorstep within 48 hours of placing your order.

Is there still any confusion? We think not! If you choose Charji, you are choosing a reliable internet service with the most generous volumes of data at the most affordable rates. You can order yours now by simply dialing their helpline at 1218 or visiting

  • They are also providing delivery at the ease and comfort of customer’s doorstep through My Rider. Good going PTCL.

  • Ptcl why your device wifi coverage is very limited and it hangs a lot. better to improve your service than sponsoring

  • this article is the perfect example of why people should never base their purchase decision on a “Sponsored” piece of article.
    e.g it say “It is the most affordable giving unlimited internet package in just Rs. 1999”
    which is totally wrong. it has 150Gb limit.(like any other wireless internet service)
    Furthermore According to ptcl’s own website its Coverage is limited to just 8-9 cites. (which is also not mentioned in this article cuz you know, “sponsored”).
    You should buy any other 4g device, but ptcl.

    • Sponsored or not it’s not wrong. There’s no 150 GB package in this price. I’m using Karachi offer which is even cheaper @ 1500 for 150 gb.

    • “Like any other wireless service” ? PTCL gets a bad rap no matter what however I’m a PTCL GPON user since over 1 year and used nayatel before that in f-11 Islamabad , PTCL fiber blows nayatel out of the water, don’t knock it till you tried it and I’ve used Jazz mbb and charji till few months ago and there isn’t anyone giving 150 gb for 1999.

      • If I had read your comment last month I would have laughed in your face but I got my Ptcl copper line upgraded to gpon and 250 mbps babyyy yep nothing comes close , my lower story has storm fiber and it’s been nothing but problematic.

      • way to digress from the point. oh and lucky you that you live in a 0.01% area covered with gpon. which isn’t even being discussed here. You don’t wanna go that route cuz if you do then i would say that stormfiber wipes the floor clean in terms of high speed internet coverage. plus they offer Ftth and symmetric speeds which a ptcl user can only dream of..and on mobile broadband side Jazz and Zong both beat your Sh*tty ptcl 4g in terms of speed and coverage…so shut the F**k up mr PTCL employee

        • you have constipation of the mind and diarrhea of the mouth Mr. sh!t-4-brains. i dont care where i live it just so happens my GPON service is way better than nayatels and what kinda tree did u just climb down from j@ck@ss, GPON is FTTH, and digress? you moronic imbecile there is no mention of speed and coverage! you’re a first grade moron who made a bs comment about data volume “like any other wireless service” pray which wireless service is offering this then? now tuck your tail between your legs and f**k off

        • actually storm fiber doesn’t wipe the floor, if it does it does so as a jaroo wala. Nothing but excuse after excuse from their team till i ditched it. I am a PTCL user and i don’t need to dream of symmetric speeds because I get symmetric speed with GPON. Coverage par marta hoga storm fiber but that’s it

        • lull , tuck your tail between your legs and scram now! where is the 150 gb limit you said like any other service provider? first rate m0r0n kaheen ka, digress? speed coverage kahan se aii? chall phut keyboard warrior kaheen ka

    • “It is the most affordable giving unlimited internet package in just Rs. 1999”

      it is.

      Jazz – 150 GB for 2500. (actually 75gb)
      Zong – 150 GB for 2500 (actually 75gb)
      PTCL – 150 GB for 1999 (full 150 gb)

      1999 75 GB.
      where did you go to school?

    • Hi,
      1,999 is less than 2,500 (which is what jazz and zong charge for half that volume)
      150 GB is more than 75 GB (which is what you actually get with jazz and zong).
      Affordable means inexpensive.
      This package is less expensive than others and has more volume.
      Sponsored means PTCL asked someone to communicate these features to ensure awareness. There is no trickery or witchcraft at play here.
      I sincerely hope you leave this page feeling smarter than you were before you read this.

  • I had good experience with cash on delivery and rider even recharge for me ~~ Good job !!

  • O’ paiii karachi wala unlimited package baki mulk mein kyun Nai?? PTCL hai ya KTCL ?? Unlimited package Faisalabd main 2000 ka aur Karachi mein 1500 ka?? I am old user of charji! Why I’m not getting???

  • yEs you are only one with cash on delivery but it is not free cash on delivery you are charging 230 rupees// I got my order and I am satisfied with service in Lhr and also 150 gb ke baad u dont need to resubscribe because sufficient

  • Mein pehle se istamal kar raha hun charji, how to get unlimited package ? zong 4g farigh tareen network quality and overly expensive packges

  • 1,999 mein 150 GB is very good package! Is offer limited time only ??/ And which PTCL device is better huawei or zte ?? Plz tel me

  • I stopped using charji a while ago because I didn’t have use for it but I will give credit where it’s due and that is that it is probably the best service from ptcl. One complaint it is not available in Sukkur when I visit my family but excellent quality service. Give me offer and I will recharge my device :))

    • Unlimited wala package availble hai sab ke liye, mera package pehle 2000 mein 75 gb ta only now 1999 for unlimited which is 150 GB , call 1218 give them mdn and ask for package

  • Why PTCL is showing favouritism to Karachi?? I am old user and I am paying 2,000 rs for this unlimited package and in Karachi you are selling for 500 rupees less per month very unfair

  • yes True best feature is resubscription and I have 200 gB still in my account at end of month ;)) good package for charji

  • Using charji as back up internet and getting 50 gb for 1500 rs monthly package ) this is good package

  • or hum yahan LARKANE main dastardly 4mb speed pe 400Gb + data use kar lete hain (albeit with some hustle & all) 150GB ka kia aloo palak pakana hai?
    P.S. Bring GPON in LARKANA ASAP you clowns….

  • Sponsored shit! Very Pathetic.
    ProPakistani bik gayeeeee hey.

    False claims. Fake facts and comparisons. My remaining data rolls over automatically every month on zong. Zero consistency in service.

  • Very disappointed at PTCL!!!

    I live in Sargodha and currently only get MAXIMUM 2.25 Mbps speed?!?

    Zong 4G MBB gives 15+ Mbps at same location.

    Why PTCL don’t have full coverage all over Pakistan??? Only good speed in main cities like Lahore, Isb, Khi etc. Rest everywhere is very poor performance.

    2000 rupees wasted. Package ke paise bhi wapis nae milega aur data istemaal karne ke layaaq bhi nae ha.

  • PTCL one of the biggest TELCO in Pakistan. The Charji brand/trademark for 4G spectrum auctioned by the Regulatory Authority, GOP, the CCP, the USF, the PTA, legends whereby the PTCL opted for 3G only. It will be transparent for customers as myself and millions if the Chargi is exactly a generic 4G in terms of ITU standards terminology of the spectrum.

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