Xiaomi’s New Face Mask is Better Than N95 With an Improved Fit

With the current state of COVID-19, several companies are coming up with products and technologies to fight the virus. Xiaomi had unveiled a new mask earlier this year but now they have patented an even better one with improved fit and protection.

The patent was granted on 17th March this year and it describes a face mask that features a 3-dimensional support skeleton to better fit a wearer’s face. The mask is made out of plastic so it can be easily adjusted, making it flexible enough for a comfortable fit.

The other notable improvement to this mask is better air restriction. This new mask provides better air sealing around the mouth which significantly decreases the chances of the wearer contacting an airborne disease. Thus, the mask would not only be able to help against COVID-19 but would also prove useful to people with other respiratory conditions.

The coronavirus has spread across more than 170 countries and has infected thousands of people. Inventions such as this could be extremely fruitful for countries that are suffering the most such as Italy, and we hope the technology is able to make it into mass production and becomes available soon.