Digital Pakistan Partners with BIMA Pakistan for COVID-19 Management

In the picture, CEO Digital Pakistan Initiative Ms. Tania Aidrus and CEO BIMA Pakistan Mr. Murtaza Khalil Hassan can be seen on the left and Chief Medical Officer BIMA Pakistan Dr. Ahmad Mansoor and Mr. Saflain Haider of Digital Pakistan Initiative on the right. Bearing in mind the precautions advised by World Health Organization, the meeting was held over video call.

Pakistan is currently facing an exponential increase in COVID-19 cases and looking at its trajectory in other countries, it will add significant strain to an already stressed health care system.

The current practice of all suspect cases being referred to a public health care facility poses a threat for further spread of the pandemic and a potential collapse of the health care system.

BIMA through its established tele-medicine services can reduce the burden on Pakistan’s public health care system, by triaging cases and providing clinical advice and management. Together with the public health care system we can reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Mr. Murtaza Khalil, CEO BIMA Pakistan, said in a statement “This is a difficult time for all of us and BIMA is playing its part by supporting the health services infrastructure in Pakistan. The tele-medicine option allows customers to speak to qualified doctors over the phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week, without the need for them to travel to medical facilities, unless absolutely necessary.”

“This measure will reduce the chance of facilities being overwhelmed and of customers being exposed to the virus by coming in contact with undiagnosed carriers” He continued.

The objective here is to triage and manage COVID-19 cases through tele-medicine. Who will this help? Suspected COVID-19 cases that need further assessment by a doctor to be triaged and managed accordingly as well as answering general questions people may have about protecting themselves and their families.

Using Digital Pakistan’s platform a link for Coronavirus information and management shall be shared on social media. BIMA hopes to reduce the burden on the health care system allowing it to focus its resources better.

What is the process?

Step 1: Users will go on social media and click on the link for Coronavirus information and management which will lead them to a form.

Step 2: Users will fill the form with some basic information which would lead to a call back

Step 3: Tele-medicine agent will call these customers and differentiate between non-symptomatic cases seeking general information and symptomatic cases.

Step 4: Non-Symptomatic cases: The Tele-medicine agent will provide advice in accordance with Pakistan Ministry of Health COVID-19 guidelines to the user. After this call, the user will receive a SMS message on COVID-19 preventative measures as well as a link to BIMA’s website which contains detailed information.

Step 5: Symptomatic cases: Upon verification of symptoms the Users will be routed for a call with one of BIMA’s qualified Doctors for further diagnosis and care. Intervention shall be advised as per Pakistan’s Ministry of Health Guidelines.

Who Is BIMA?

BIMA is a ground-breaking global company that uses mobile technology to deliver vital, affordable and easy to use insurance and health products that millions of people need but have not been able to access through traditional channels.

BIMA combines the power of mobile with a human approach to offer a unique and unparalleled service to customers in markets across the world. BIMA has revolutionized the health care & insurance industry in emerging markets.

In just 10 years BIMA has reached 35 million people in Asia & Africa. BIMA continues to innovate its product offering and ways to reach customers to ensure to remain the number one health and insurance player for customers.

BIMA provides a full end to end healthcare experience to customers to ensure no matter where customers are in their health journey BIMA is there to support them.

This includes preventative care. To supplement our telemedicine service all mHealth customers are sent SMS based coaching programs weekly covering 4 topics; Staying healthy, Losing weight, Women & Child health and Diabetes & Hypertension.

BIMA has been present in Pakistan since 2015 with currently a total customer base of 4.2 million customers. BIMA Pakistan currently has a total workforce of 1200 comprising of sales agents, customer services & doctors.

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