6 Tips to Take Care of Your Car During Coronavirus Lockdown

While the world deals with the coronavirus, many people have been asked to stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel. The virus has impacted the global economy with almost all segments taking a hit due to the COVID-19.

We have seen what the virus has done to the auto industry both globally and locally, how they are dealing with it, how they are helping the fight against the virus and we have also talked about the challenges they face. At the same time we have talked about how you as a vehicle owner or a regular commuter can take preventive measures against it; now we will be talking about what measures you need to take to make sure that your car stays healthy during the lockdown.

Vehicles are prone to damage if they remain disused for longer periods of time and in this article we will be looking at steps that you can take to help prevent the damage.

First, let us look at the risks involved in letting a vehicle sit idle for too long.


If the car is left in the sun for too long, the pain starts to oxidize which causes it to fade away and in the extreme case, it even starts peeling. It is important that your car is parked under a shade or has been properly covered.


This is the second component of the car that is a major risk if the car is left idle for far too long especially if you have a non-dry battery. In those cases, the water can evaporate or boil over mixing with acid leading to corrosion. You can either disconnect the battery if you feel that your vehicle will be idle for far too long or you can start it and keep it running idle for 20 minutes a few times throughout the week.


This one is slightly tricky and the most lethal out of all the factors that can damage your car. Make sure that it is parked in a dry spot with no moisture or dampness around it.

If the car is parked with a cover over it, please take it off if it starts to rain and only place the cover back on it after making sure that both the car and the cover are completely dry. Try and not to wash your car excessively with water especially one that has high salt content as this can speed up the process of rusting. After washing the car, always dry it thoroughly.


If the car is left standing in one place for far too long, the rubber on the tires starts to deteriorate. Some parts of the tires will start to lose air and other parts will start to rot; in the worst-case scenario, they will develop invisible weak spots making them susceptible to breaking down while you are driving. You can move your car a few feet here and there a few times in the week to prevent this.


Multiple components fitted on it are vulnerable to damage which can prove to be fatal once you start to drive it again. Some parts are open to rust if the car remains parked for far too long as they require lubrication which can only happen if the car is being driven. Oil seals can dry out if the car isn’t in use and can break causing a substantial oil leak.

Goes without saying, drive the car once in a while!


Like the other parts on the car, these can also rust especially the discs and the only way to avoid it –you guessed it –driving the car once a while!

It is imperative that you take 30-60 minutes out every few days and drive the car a few hundred meters that will help keep the engine parts lubricated, give you enough distance to check the breaks as well keep the tires moving.

If we have missed out on any tip, let us know in the comments below.

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