Punjab Govt Allows a Limited Number of Businesses to Resume Operations

In a bid to slowly resume routine life across the province, Punjab has started allowing reopening of various businesses, which were closed for a couple of weeks under COVID-19 pandemic precautionary measures.

According to three different orders/notifications issued during the last couple of days, the Government of Punjab has exempted 10 kinds of industries and several allied businesses from Section 144 of the criminal procedure code ‘subject to the implementation of the precautionary measures’ to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

It is to be noted that this is subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions.

According to a notification by the home department’s internal security, the government has allowed the opening of:

  • 36 businesses related to the textile industry
  • 10 of sports goods
  • 07 of surgical goods
  • 03 of auto parts
  • 25 of pharmaceutical
  • 22 of leather and leather garments
  • 07 of fruits and vegetables
  • 08 of meat and meat products/industry

The notification reads:

All activities related to these industries/ companies/ factories and its supply chain bearing minimum staff ensuring all precautionary measures against COVID-19 as per the SOPs issued by the industries, commerce, investment and skills development department are exempted from restrictions imposed vide order of section 144 of March 23 throughout the province of Punjab.

It also noted that the home department’s internal security wing on the same day issued another notification, allowing resumption of dry cleaners and laundries across the province.

All services relating to dry cleaners and laundries with maximum one helper ensuring precautionary measures against COVID-19 are exempted from restrictions vide order of section 144 dated March 23 throughout the province.

On April 4, the department issued a third notification, allowing the opening of branches/outlets of exchange companies licensed by the State Bank of Pakistan across the province.

Image via Reuters

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