Zoom CEO Admits That They Can Access Private Video Conferences

Video chatting application Zoom has been in hot waters lately for false advertisement regarding user privacy and security. The video calling platform does not feature end to end encryption (E2E) despite marketing it everywhere. This allows Zoom to have access to the audio and video in a private video conference even though it claims not to.

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan has responded to the situation admitting that he and his team have had missteps with the company’s video conferencing platform. He appeared in an interview with CNN with a background image of heart-shaped earth that said: “we care”. In the interview with CNN’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter, he said:

We moved too fast… and we had some missteps. We’ve learned our lessons and we’ve taken a step back to focus on privacy and security.

He added that the team is now working tooth and nail to win its users back.

Last week, Zoom had announced that they are pausing feature updates on their application to focus more on privacy and security and that improvements will not be too far off.

For now, Zoom remains banned in several regions in the US due to concerns regarding the application’s security. Only time will tell whether CEO Eric Yuan and his team is able to win back the trust of its users.

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