Here’s How Many Pakistanis Support A Complete Lockdown

A majority of Pakistanis, about 68 percent, think that Pakistan needs to impose a complete lockdown in the country to control the spread of coronavirus as compared to 23% who do not support it at all.

A recent survey conducted by Gallop Pakistan on phone interviews, almost 75 percent of people considered the novel coronavirus a threat for themselves and the family.


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The survey called ‘Coronavirus Attitude Tracker Survey Pakistan,’ spoke to about 650 respondents on phone, most of them women and people aged 30 or below.

A majority of the respondents (77 percent) and respondents below 30 (71 percent) are most afraid for their family’s safety. Also, three out of four Pakistanis are hopeful that the virus will be controlled by June.

About 86 percent of respondents from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), 82 percent from Sindh and 69 percent in Punjab are taking the COVID-19 threat seriously.


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Since March, when cases began to surge, a sharp decline of 15 percent was observed among people who thought the COVID-19 threat is exaggerated. The data indicates that a large number of citizens are now aware of the gravity of the threat.

Since March, a 17 percent surge has been witnessed in the proportion of Pakistanis who think that the federal government is controlling the coronavirus situation very well, while 18% disagreed.

Also, about 61 percent of the people believed that the recent lockdown situation has worsened their financial situation.

  • Lockdown will collapse our economy we are no America or Europe which can inject billions and trillion of dollars on their economy and go on a lock-down.

    • Millions will die if complete lockdown is not imposed. There will be no economy if corono go out of control (Allah na kre).

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