How to Care For Your Car During the Coronavirus Lockdown

As the world deals with the coronavirus with hundreds of thousands of people already infected, tens of thousands have lost their lives and billions are in lockdown to prevent further spreading of the disease.

The global economy has slowed to nearly a halt, with analysts predicting a global recession that will put the 2008 one to shame; multiple industries could go bankrupt such as the airline and tourist industry.

The auto industry was hit fairly hard during the start of the pandemic with plants shutting down and they aren’t fully operational even now. Multiple car companies have started helping out in the crisis with the production of medical equipment such as ventilators, masks and shields.

Previously, we have looked into how you can the necessary steps to help prevent the spread of the virus, how both the global and local auto industry is dealing with the virus and its implications on their future. We also looked at how you can take steps to help your car stay healthy during the lockdown as they can get damaged if they remain parked for too long.

Now we will looking at some of the steps you can take to make sure your car stays healthy!


Clean your car regularly and make sure dust doesn’t settle on it. You can use a car cloth to wipe it clean and it is advised that you don’t wash it regularly as it leads to rusting, or at times even excessive washing has known to damage the top layer of the paint, making the car susceptible to damage.


Make sure that the car is filled up instead of being empty in the tank because the air above the fuel could lead to condensation which can be damaging to the car or even lead to rusting.


If the car is to remain parked for a while, we will suggest that you don’t park the car and leave on the handbrake, Instead park the car in gear and maybe use a crook lock if you have one for safety because the long term usage of the handbrake could damage it and render it useless the next time you really need it (especially if the car is parked on an incline or decline).


It is best to keep checking the fluids on your car for any sudden changes in them such as the engine oil, battery fluid and radiator fluid. It isn’t necessary that the fault will develop in them overnight but if you have had the car for a while, it wouldn’t hurt to inspect it for any previous damage. That way once the lockdown is over, you will know if your car needs any extra attention.


You can check the air filter and clean it, since the car won’t be in use for a while, the filter won’t be getting dirty anytime soon. Take it out and clean it thoroughly, when the lockdown is over, you will have a clean air filter.

Air Pressure

In the other article we looked at what could happen to the tires if the car remained parked for far too long and suggested that you move the car once every few days. Aside from that, if possible we would suggest that you keep a check on the tire pressure and make sure they are at the optimal levels.


Sometimes if a car is parked for too long, it is extremely common for animals to consider it their home and build their nests under the hood or the space between the tires and the body. It is of vital importance that you check your car before you start driving again, or it could turn very messy very quickly.

These are some of the tips in the second part of our series on how you can protect and care for your car during the lockdown. If you have any tips for us, let us know in the comments below.

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    While the article is good in information, but this suggestion is very stupid, Gear is not meant to use for holding a car. its gear for shifting speed, and your suggestion will lead to break the gear system. let the handbrake do its Job.

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