Govt Reopens OPDs in Islamabad, KP, and Punjab [Updated]

The government has decided to reopen the OPDs or outpatient departments of all hospitals in Islamabad and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) after the Supreme Court ordered to ensure the provision of normal services during the lockdown.

Following a sharp rise in Coronavirus cases in Pakistan, the government had decided to shut down OPDs during lockdown to stop the spread of the disease.

Earlier this week, Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed, while hearing a petition challenging the Islamabad High Court’s (IHC) decision to grant bail to prisoners standing trial, directed the government to resume normal services in hospitals.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed had observed:

Patients suffering from ailments other than COVID-19 have nowhere to go. What kind of medical emergency is this when diabetes and heart patients cannot go to hospitals for treatment. Protecting the rights of every citizen is our collective responsibility.

Now, in the light of the Supreme Court directives, OPDs in Islamabad and KP will be resuming their normal services. However, the government has ordered district administrations to ensure hospitals undertake strict preventive measures.

After Islamabad and KP, Punjab government has also reopened OPDs of all private and public hospitals across the province.

Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Department has directed CEO Punjab Healthcare Commission to ensure the resumption of normal services at all OPDs and enforce strict precautionary measures.

On March 22, Punjab government had ordered to shut down OPDs of all hospitals province-wide to better facilitate Coronavirus patients.