Sindh Proposes Major Relief for Citizens With Emergency Relief Ordinance

Sindh government has finalized an ordinance to provide major relief to its citizens amid coronavirus lockdown. As per details, the provincial law ministry has drafted the ordinance which includes major relief for masses in utility bills, house/shop rents, school fees, etc. m

The proposal has been forwarded to Governor Sindh, Imran Ismael, for approval. It will be implemented from the first of April following the approval. Chief Minister, Murad Ali Shah, will have the power to amend or revoke the ordinance at any time.

Some salient features of the ordinance are as follows:

Relief for Power Consumers

The major relief for the citizens has come in terms of utility bills. The ordinance has proposed suspension of monthly electricity bills during the lockdown for users consuming up to 260 units a month.

Those consuming up to 350 units will pay 25 percent of the total amount. Similarly, consumers with up to 450 unit consumption will enjoy a 50 percent discount. Power consumers with monthly usage of more than 450 units will have to pay the full amount.

The relief will be true for all domestic, commercial and industrial power users.


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Relief for Gas Consumers

Similar relief has been proposed for gas consumers. The ordinance asks for 100 percent suspension of monthly bills for consumers using up to 155 units (m³) a month.

Consumers with a consumption of up to 200 units (m³)  will avail a 75 percent reduction in the monthly bills.

Likewise, 50 percent amount of the bill will be suspended for consumers using up to 300 units (m³).

Gas bills with above 300 units will be paid in full. The offer goes for all three types of consumers.

School Fee Reduction

Just like Punjab, Sindh government has also made it mandatory for private school owners to reduce 20 percent of the monthly tuition fee during the coronavirus break. Schools have been bound not to receive more than 80 percent of the fee in any form, neither can they charge fees in a lump sum nor in installments.


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Relief on Monthly Rent

The most interesting part of this ordinance is the proposed waiver of monthly rents. The ordinance has called for a complete suspension of the monthly rent of up to Rs. 50,000. People paying more than Rs. 50,000 in rent and less than Rs. 100,000 will be liable to pay half the amount. However, 100 percent of rent will be payable where the rent exceeds Rs. 100,000.

Punishment Over Violations

The government has also proposed hefty fines over violation of the ordinance. According to the draft proposal, the violators will be given be on the spot punishment carrying fines of up to Rs. 1 million.

  • This is not relief, this is robbery on private sector, they did not reduce any kind of TAX, while they’re asking to reduce on private sectors.

  • Hamari building ma 13flat han 5shops hamary flat ka rent 16000 thousand hai hamara owener 2000 kam kar raha hai rent 14000 deny han ham keya kary

  • I live in 300yards portion. My rent is 46000.
    Ye ordinance pass hogye hai ke 50000 se kam rent walon ko rent pay naheen kerna hoga ya ye sirf suggestion hai government ki taraf se. If anybody knows please reply because my landlord is keep asking for rent.

  • The govt should pay the rents from their own.pockets not force the landlords, to exempt the rent.
    There are thousand of retired people in this city who,s lively hood depends totally on this rent.
    If the govt is so concerned then why can’t the govt compensate the Tennant’s and landlords equally from the Sindh treasury.
    Further please note that it’s an ordinance which has not been passed either by the provincial assembly or the Governor of Sindh.

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