Are Deaths Due to Coronavirus Being Under-Reported in Pakistan?

Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in over 127,000 deaths worldwide with Pakistan reporting 113 casualties from COVID-19.

Right from the day the first case was reported in the country, the experts had been claiming that the number of cases was being severely underreported. Lack of testing and reporting across the country isn’t helping either and thus the data that is being shared with the public isn’t accurate.

In a shocking revelation, Chief Minister Sindh, Syed Murad Ali Shah, has said that the number of mysterious deaths in the province has increased significantly. To add to it, most of the cases exhibited COVID-19 symptoms before death.


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Advisor to CM Sindh, Murtaza Wahab, has further said that deceased people are being brought to hospitals in Karachi, which underlines the fact that the lack of testing and reporting has resulted in a far more complex situation than anyone had anticipated.

CM Sindh has said that there have been 220 deaths between 31st March and 14th April in Jinnah Hospital Karachi alone and that the chest X-rays and the condition of lungs are similar to those of coronavirus patients. Out of these patients, 121 were brought to the hospital in dead condition whereas 99 lost their lives in hospital.

He refrained from saying that the deaths had resulted from the novel coronavirus, however, he didn’t write off the possibility. The deceased people haven’t been tested for coronavirus, which means that these deaths will not be added to the overall tally of COVID-19 in Pakistan, raising plenty of eyebrows.


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The Edhi Foundation has also revealed that the number of dead bodies being transported is alarmingly high. Faisal Edhi has said that the foundation used to transport 80-100 dead bodies in a month, however, they have now shifted 400 deceased in the last 13 days alone. He also revealed that just like Karachi, the number of cases and deaths in Islamabad don’t add up.

According to the experts, underdeveloped and developing countries like Pakistan and India are employing the same tactics i.e. don’t test, don’t report; avoid panic and resume economic activities. Poor countries don’t have a choice. Let thousands die or let the whole country die.

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  • When we see testing for Corona virus, it is unfortunate that Pakistan is at the bottom in South Asia. All other countries have increased testing drastically in South Asia. It all adds up when you see the number of rising cases in South Asia.

    • for your kind information Pakistan is well ahead of india, afghanistan, bangladesh in testing per 1 million population
      Pakistan Test Per 1 million population = 332
      India Test Per 1 million population = 177
      Bangladesh= 90
      Sri lanka= 223
      Please do some research before posting
      go check worldometers

      • Approximately 80,000 tests for a population of 200 + million. Forget about India, do you think this is enough? Government lacks clarity in handling this situation.

        • Considering our health budget and health expenditures thats a job well done. we spend about 1.5% of our gdp on health. thats one of the lowest in asia. so current testing rate is a great feat. And why forget about india and the rest of the wrold ? are they not affected by the same virus so a comparison with other countries is acceptable.

  • “developing countries like Pakistan and India are employing the same tactics”. I beg to differ. Look at the rate at which India is testing. The rise in number of cases proves that. According to independent sources, India is increasing testing. Why don’t we increase the testing here in our country as well?

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