These Telemedicine Companies & Startups are Providing Medical Services in Pakistan

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitization in many industries and healthcare is no different.

Telemedicine had already been on a rising trend but with the pandemic, it has now become essential for everyone who isn’t able to consult their doctors by physically going to clinics.

The startups and service providers in this regard are anticipating massive growth, which is the need of the hour as well.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the telemedicine services and start-ups in Pakistan that are doing a good job in making people stay at home without having to miss out on their consultations with the doctors.


Shifa4U is a comprehensive, one-stop-shop healthcare platform for telemedicine services. In addition to online consultations with doctors, the platform allows you to schedule physical appointments for radiology, lab, homecare, and local doctors.

Other options include ordering medicines online and American teleclinic where you can consult with top doctors from the US.


Shifa4U Launches Telemedicine Services for Patients

Aman TeleHealth

An initiative of the Aman Foundations, Aman TeleHealth is a 24-hour healthcare helpline which provides easy and timely access to diagnostic services, basic medical advice, mental health, and family planning counseling over the phone.

Via the Aman Foundation

The helpline for Aman TeleHealth is +92 (21) 111-11-9123. Aman TeleHealth has over 10,000 healthcare facilities mapped out on its system enabling callers to access information about the relevant facilities in their vicinity. The telehealth advice is mainly focused on children and women, especially non-communicable diseases.

Ring a Doctor

Ring a Doctor is another reliable 24/7 online consultation platform, giving you a chance to get your condition diagnosed from the comforts of your home through a video session.

Treating a number of diseases and conditions, Ring a Doctor has a number of highly qualified physicians who are available round the clock to assist those in pain. It works in three simple steps such as making a free account, choosing your doctor and finally a video chat with your preferred doctor after paying his or her fee.


Marham is a similar platform that has already served over 300,000 patients through online consultations. Offering a wide range of specialized services, Marham has a hassle-free process of connecting patients with relevant doctors and physicians online.

You can view doctors’ complete profiles, people’s reviews and feedback, timings, fee, and whatnot, with only a few clicks. Due to coronavirus, a majority of doctors on Marham are offering online services, which can be availed via a video call by paying their fee.

Sehat Kahani

Sehat Kahani boasts 3-click, 24/7 telemedicine services for those in need. It is an all-female health provider network that provides quality healthcare to those in need, using telemedicine. Sehat Kahani has a dedicated app for e-health services.

You can also get free counseling on your medical condition by asking questions on Sehat Kahani forum, which are answered by qualified doctors and specialists. What’s more, you can consult a doctor online for free if you are facing coronavirus symptoms.

Dawaai is an online pharmacy, allowing you to purchase all your medicines in one place. They deliver the medicines to your doorsteps without you having to go out and purchase your meds. Dawaai provides the facility of getting your lab tests done from the top labs in the country, all from the comfort of your home.

You can pay for your medicines through different options such as cash on delivery, bank transfer, or pay with a credit or debit card.


Sehat is another renowned online pharmacy, offering home delivery of prescription drugs, over the counter and readily available medicines as well as special orders.

Offering a number of payment and delivery options, Sehat is a premier online pharmacy for Pakistani patients.


doctHERs provide you with 24/7 access to leading specialists and consultants through the simple convenience of a smart-phone.

The main goal of the startup is to ensure financial inclusion and contribution of female doctors to millions of underserved patients via technology-assisted methods.


oladoc allows patients to book appointments, physical and online, in a hassle-free process. Video consultation with doctors is also available, thus allowing the users to get their illnesses diagnosed and treated without having to step out of their homes.

oladoc boasts of having more than 25,000 doctors on-board with them from across the country.

Health Online

A complete healthcare web portal, catering to all your healthcare needs, Health Online (HOL) offers lab tests from home, ambulance service, and an online pharmacy for the patients.

HOL is also offering free coronavirus helpline to consult with doctors and clinical psychologists.

Find My Doctor

Find My Doctor is an app that connects doctors with the patients. During these days, two of the most important services offered by Find My Doctor include doctor at home and lab test at home.

Other services include health cards and therapy room sessions for the convenience of patients.


Known as “Google in Health”, InstaCare is transforming the healthcare landscape of Pakistan by making it efficient, accessible, and reliable.

If you are looking for a One-Stop Solution to all your healthcare needs then InstaCare got it all. With a focus to provide hassle-free healthcare service to the people of Pakistan, InstaCare has made it possible to deliver care in the comfort of your home.

You can consult a doctor online with telemedicine, get medicines at your doorstep and if diagnostics are needed then home sample collection is available for you. Moreover, you can also manage all your healthcare records.

InstaCare has already made a name for itself in the telemedicine landscape of Pakistan with numerous awards, including:

  1. UHS declared InstaCare’s EMR Software as Pakistan’s No 1 EMR Software for Doctors.
  2. InstaCare won an international award at Turkey’s Largest Technology Event i.e. TakeOff Istanbul 2019 as top foreign company.
  3. InstaCare won [email protected] Award in Health & Well Being Category.

PIMS Online Doctor

The Pakistan Insitute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) now offers its online consultation service through its official website.

You can write your queries and symptoms to relevant departments and PIMS Online Doctor will respond with the prescription, if necessary.

Medical Store

Medical Store is another comprehensive telemedicine service, using which you can:

  • Order Medicines
  • Set Medicine reminders
  • Store Health Records
  • Order Online with Prescription
  • Live Chat with Specialists
  • Search Alternate Medicines & Substitutes


icliniq offers instant medical advice for your health-related concerns through phone calls, or video sessions. Top-rated doctors and physicians are offering their services for a nominal fee and you can avail these in a smooth, hassle-free process.

Have more such services to add to the list? Share in the comments.

Note: The list includes a few online pharmacies as well.

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