Naveed Khalid Butt is Now the Group Head for Regulatory Affairs for PTCL & Ufone

Naveed Khalid Butt has been promoted to Group Chief Regulatory Officer (GCRO) to lead the regulatory function for both PTCL and Ufone.

Butt was previously the head of regulatory affairs at Ufone. He’s been given the added responsibility after PTCL and Ufone merged their regulatory and legal functions as part of the group strategy to consolidate the management of both the companies leading towards an integrated entity with more efficient operations and productivity.

According to the official sources, Zahida Awan from PTCL has also been promoted to become the Group Chief Legal Officer to head the legal functions of both, PTCL and Ufone.

The management has made the restructuring arrangement of the two companies to enhance the coordination and synergies of the group, which had been proven successful earlier with the merger of other departments in recent months.

In late 2019, the group had merged sales and distribution, marketing, product and pricing, business operations and corporate strategy functions of the two companies.

On the same note, Ufone CEO Rashid Khan had been appointed as CEO PTCL as the first move towards the unification of both the companies around a year ago.

  • despite being absorbing pays of CXO under the group strategy by PTCL, Ufone still in loss. will take away PTCL as well

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