Toyota Shuts Down Its Manufacturing Plant in Pakistan

A public notice has been issued by the Indus Motor Company (IMC) announcing that they will be closing their production plant due to their supply chain being impacted by the coronavirus crisis and the current lockdown imposed by the government.

In the notice, the company has said that,


We are living in a time when safety has not only become more important, but the concept has been completely redefined. The term “safety” now covers far more than it ever used to in the automobile industry and we must unite and take care of each other to ensure a better future for everyone.


Toyota Pakistan Increases Car Prices by Up to Rs. 500,000

You can read the complete notice below:

It further talks about the delays in the delivery and production timeframes as well as the national and international supply chains.

At the end, the company has said, “Due to the international economic conditions and the flictuation in the FOREX indes, regretfully the prices of our products and vehicle range are being revised. The new prices will not affect any full payments made however if a customer requires a refund, they may approach our Customer Assistance Center (CAC) which will process a complete refund without any penalties or deductions.”

  • I just hope they shut down for good this time. they have taken enough advantage of the population of this country.

  • They are shit assembler like other worst Honda/Suzuki too.

    They are shutting down their assembling plant instead of Manufacturing plant. Thank you.

  • abhi kal hi prices barhayin, and aaj band? in kay sath yehi hona chahyee, yahan logon ko jaan aur khorak ki pari hai, and yeh khotay kay putar lagay apni gariyon ki prices barhanay, jaisay COROLLA ko CORONA nahi hota

  • Will anyone dare to ask them that what happened to the deletion program of govt.? Why they are importing so much items that it has affected their supply chain. In the past they have boasted to have set up the vendors production facilities to facilitate their supply chain, now they are crying about the delay in supplies due to COVID-19. They are not telling the truth now or they have lied earlier.
    People of Pakistan should not buy their products as it is inferior in quality and with abnormally high prices.
    All these big 3 have made a cartel and divided the car segments among them to not allow any other entrant successfully market their products. But I guess the time is up for them and ppl should realise that they have been fleeced enough.

  • Why they have increased prices. Last year dollar went up 166 so they increased the prices. But after few months dollar prices dip down to 154-155+. But no changes in prices. What the heck ? The whole world is fighting against corona and indus Toyota is love to increased of their fleets. Whole world is waiving their interest rates and low the prices of car.

    • You are right.They are the stupid super looters & thieves on the pockets of my poor in my beloved country Pakistan.God is warning them,if they don’t pay heed to these warning signs, they will be ruined forever(Inshallah)

  • So many stupid followers of PTI are literally celebrating the shutting down of Toyota Production. These school going and illiterate kids have no idea that the large scale manufacturing is the backbone of economy. If it goes away then the whole economy could crash and our situation will be worse than Africa in the coming months ( if the situation will not be controlled).
    But we cannot change the blind followers of one political party unfortunately.

    • They do not manufacture ANYTHING. They ASSEMBLE.

      Pakistan has not had large-scale manufacturing for decades.

  • U r right corona effected all over world but it is also a reality that Toyota is very expensive now a common man not not offord it.before mostly people’s were like to buy car through bank but according to a banker friend now Toyota through bank is Upto 50 lakh……its means half karoor…

  • I compliment ProPK on honest Release of Comments, for the most popular, well established brand Toyota Corolla the most successful made and licensed to manufacture/assembled worldwide.
    Un-fortunately the PAMA an assemblers lobby/group for lobby to the regulatory body to assemble imported Kit of engine, body with local tyres, paint, painting, floor mat, polythene plastic wrapped on the seats, body sheet metal from PASMIC Pak Steel Mills, carpet, some rubber hoses, brake oil, lubricants, greases of PSO, and blessings of the PAMA the engineering cartelisation/monopolisation body of JAMA to monopolise Japan Automobile Manufacturer Association which never allowed the assemly/manufacture of any car. The car made under PAMA membership is not compliant to OICA, Paris the world body of car manufacturer.
    Toyota Corolla produced under PAMA banner is not compliant for export inview of Road Safety, Accident and several engineering factors no compliance.
    I wish prayers for those who injured during accident from house of PAMA while driving, or pedestrian injured.

    • Today April 18, 2020. I commented/compliments ProPK on honest Release of Comments for Toyota Corolla the most successful manufactured/assembled/licensed by TMC/TTK Japan To IMC Pakistan a member of PAMA by IMC Karachi being the exclusive assembler, of TMC in Pakistan. Toyota brand autos under the auspices of PAMA rules/guidelines in Pakistan. Honorable Mr. Ali Habib Chairman IMC, Pakistan the importer, distributor, CKD assembler of passenger/commercial vehicles of TMC which is a member of OICA, Paris conforms to global standardisation platforms worldwide. TMC Pakistan worked under the umbrella of PAMA which is the national authority on automobile assembly/manufacture in Pakistan.
      It is sad yesterday the founder Honorable Mr. Ali Habib chairperson of IMC Pakistan Passed to eternity. May Allah Bless the departed soul, an icon in the world particularly for motorisation of Pakistan, a revolution.
      Few months I heard the JICA donated TMC Toyota Prius for Pakistan and was with the Japan Embassy, Islamabad for distribution of cause.
      Pakistan Corona Virus possible logistics and transportation of Corona patients in Pakistan to one of the most talked and served Corona Patient Diagnostic/Treatment institution the honorable SIUT, (Sindh Institute of Urology Transplant) Civil Hospital Karachi one of the most accredited institution to help free patients to the SIUT in Karachi.
      May I suggest to please consider the distribution of Toyota Prius as it will be the most appropriate donation for taking patients to and from the hospital and funeral van as well.
      Pray for honorable Chairman IMC Mr. Ali Habib who has always been sincere for cause.

  • fazool c gari 30 lak, purchasing power hy nahe logo ki or ye rakhshy 30 me bech rahy, yaris itnhai fazool or pese deko

  • Bye bye toyota. We dont need you more. Pakistan has to make its own assembled cars. Long live pakistan

  • jasi yaris pakistan may lay k aye hein Indus Motor Company ko moo lay k kahi dooob parna chaye just very well basic model or price pata ni kaya india may rate kam or sab kuch hai jo aik achi car may hona chaye

  • I bid farewell to Toyota from Pakistan ! Never to return here with there cheap, low standard and high emissions car ! Only they sale scrap in Pakistan knowing they have government officials in their pockets and as government isnt using pakistani assembled cars they can do whatever they want ! Pakistan Government should have some shame ! India is not only making own cars but also Tata is the owner of Jaguar and Land rover now ! See their quality and prices ! We are still assembling ! Such a shame

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