Govt and IPPs Agree to Reduce Electricity Tariff

In a major development, the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) have agreed to work in collaboration with the government to control the electricity tariff.

A meeting between the representatives of Power Division and  IPPs decided to constitute a joint technical committee that will work out ways to reduce power tariffs.


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Moreover, the private sector also agreed to review the capacity payment system during the dialogues held under Power Policy 1994 and 2002.

If the committee materializes on its promises, this will be a huge boost for business as well as for general consumers. The committee will be activated immediately and will submit its initial report in the next few days.


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Energy Minister, Omar Ayub, was leading the delegation of the federal government. He had been highlighting during the cabinet meetings that power tariffs continuously increased in the past without any check and balance. Omar Ayub was the one who floated the idea to bring IPPs on the table for a joint effort to reduce electricity tariffs.

  • This report sound to be a bit biased or to divert attention from main issue, in fact Power division was just in nap for last few years, now this move is just to hide massive corruption in power sector year by year by Power cartels, now they acted after NEPRA chairman move out of the box and personally submitted his comprehensive report with aggressive recomondations to PM in one to one meeting and Senator S. Faraz committee has also submitted report highlighting massive corruption in power sector.

  • marginal decrease wont fix the problem… it should be made competitive with prices in India so this mafia will be curtailed otherwise they will continue to harm Pakistan.

  • Honorable Federal Energy Minister Omer Ayub Esq., highlighting the Cabinet Meetings for Power Tariffs continuously Increased in the past without check and balance.
    The idea to bring IPP’s on the table for Joint Effort to REDUCE Electricity Tariffs when Punjab Govt., Subsidise Electricity Bills in Ramazan.
    Why Power Tariff is not Rationalised for Accession to Hydel, Wind, Solar Power, Net Metering incentive not announced for KE consumer.
    The KE should seek guidelines from IEA, Paris.

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