Man Kills Himself After Being Wrongly Called A Coronavirus Patient

In a disturbing development, an elderly resident of Ghaziabad, Lahore, self-immolated and died after his neighbors labeled him as a Coronavirus patient.

According to the initial statement issued by local police, the deceased was a 68-year-old man with a long history of asthma. The false tag of being a COVID-19 patient prompted him to take his own life.


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The deceased’s family said that the man suffered a serious attack of asthma on the day of the incident. His condition worsened as he complained about having difficulty in breathing. It was at this moment the neighbors gathered and started calling him a Coronavirus patient.

The man went to the local graveyard and set himself alight after covering himself in petrol, said a police official.

When alerted about the incident, the police and medics rushed to the scene and transferred the patient to a local hospital where he died due to severe burns.

According to a police official, the man, moments before his death, told him that his neighbors wrongly tagged him as a Coronavirus patient.

The deceased’s family has refused to initiate legal proceedings against any of the neighbors, said the official.

Via: Dawn

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