Asymptomatic Coronavirus Patients Can Fast During Ramzan: Experts

Medical experts have said that patients that have asymptomatic corona virus can fast during Ramzan even if they are diabetic after talking to their physicians. They further added that the patients would have to remain in isolation, hydrate after iftar and take medication on time.

The 6th International Diabetes and Ramzan Online Conference was organized by the Baqai Institute of Diabteology and Endocrinology (BIDE) which was attended by medical experts, scholars and ulema from across the world. They presented lectures on safe fasting in times of the current pandameic.


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Diabetologist Dr Saif ul Haq said that there will be hundreds of people with the virus that will be under isolation but won’t have symptoms. He said, “Such patients, even if they are diabetics, can fast but they will need to maintain their sugar level either with drugs or insulin.”

He further added that diabetic people or those with other such illnesses weren’t at more risk at catching the virus but they would face more challenges if infected.

Prof Muhammad Wasay, President of the Pakistan International Neuroscience Society stated that fasting is good for the immune system and stops multiple neurological issues, including strokes. He asked the people to use the holy month to attain physical and mental benefits.


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Mufti Taqi Usmani, while talking to the conference said, “There are extreme views that people with diabetes and hypertension should not fast while others say otherwise,” he stated. “I believe that medical practitioners and health experts are in a better position to advise people whether they should fast or refrain from it.”

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