10-Rakaat Taraweeh Allowed in Haramain

On the request of Imam-e-Kaaba, Sheikh Abdul Rehman Al Sudais, the Saudi government has allowed offering Taraweeh in  Haramain Shareefain.

The top cleric announced this in the wee hours of Tuesday, saying that only 10-Rakaat Taraweeh prayers will be offered in both Masjid al Nabvi and Masjid al-Haram throughout Ramadan.



Saudi Arabia Bans Taraweeh Prayers in Mosques This Ramzan

He added that the holy mosques, however, will not be opened for public and the congregation will only be attended by the servants of the Haramain.

As per details, six Rakaats will be led by the first Imam while the other four and Vitr will be led by the second Imam. The Khatmul Quran (completion of the recitation of the holy book) will be celebrated on the 29th of Ramadan, he added.

Meanwhile, all religious activities in Masjid al-Haram including group prayers, Umrah and other activities will remain suspended until further orders.

The decision holds significance as in its previous order, the Saudi authorities had restricted offering collective prayers across the country including the holy mosques.

Earlier this month, the Religious Ministry had also resumed tawaf in the Holy Kaaba with some restrictions. As per the order, only a small number of people, mainly custodians, will be allowed to perform the ritual. A protective structure around the Kaaba has been erected, and pilgrims are not allowed to touch the Kaaba.