Peshawar Shop Owners Announce an Unprecedented Goodwill Gesture During the Pandemic

Lockdown across the country due to coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on small businesses and shops. Except for essential items, bakery, and medical stores, a majority of shops are not allowed to open, making it difficult for the tenants and even owners to make ends meet.

Following the footsteps of Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mahmood Khan, the local shop owners in Peshawar have announced to waive off monthly rents of their shops for two months. Earlier, CM Khan had announced that he will not be taking any rents from his commercial entities.



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The tenants have expressed their delight over the announcement, especially because they are unable to even provide for their families during these desperate times. They have also requested the government to provide concessions in the utility bills.

The shopkeepers are also demanding the government to ease the lockdown for shops and small businesses so that they can make a living from their profession.

The shop rents across the country range from Rs. 20,000 to well over Rs. 100,000 and in these tough times, it is becoming increasingly difficult for tenants to continue making the payments.

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