Xiaomi is Making an All-Screen Fingerprint Sensor for Phones

Mukul Sharma, an infamous leakster, just unveiled that Xiaomi is working on its first-ever all-screen fingerprint sensor.

According to the images posted, the Chinese tech giant has made some commendable progress with the new tech.

Biometric authentication in Smartphones has been on a constant growth trajectory since the days of the capacitive fingerprint sensor, and is now present in almost every smartphone, even the affordable ones. In its attempt to take the technology up a notch, Xiaomi decided to come up with some revolutionary fingerprint unlocking tech.

The new technology apparently allows the entire screen to function as a large fingerprint sensor. Hence, users will be able to unlock their phones by presenting a registered fingerprint anywhere on the entire screen.

This is not the first time an OEM is attempting to come up with a full-screen fingerprint sensor. Last year, Vivo showcased its Apex 2019, a concept Smartphone with no charging port, no speaker grilles, and made completely of glass. The smartphone came with an all-display fingerprint sensor. Although, they used an optical fingerprint reader, not an ultrasonic one.

As far as the tech used by Xiaomi is concerned, we have no details at the moment. It is unclear if and when the new tech will be available on commercial smartphones since the number of variables in play here is immense.

Regardless, the speed of progress is very exciting.