The Pandemic is a Golden Opportunity to Pursue a ‘Make in Pakistan’ Policy: SAPM

Abdul Razak Dawood, Adviser to Prime Minister of Pakistan for Commerce and Investment, said that the novel coronavirus has changed the world as we know it. “The pandemic is a golden opportunity to pursue a Make In Pakistan Policy”, he added.

In a series of tweets, Dawood stated,

The adviser somehow gave a reality check about the current situation of the businesses. He noted that many of them are on the verge of closure and laborers are under the threat of losing their jobs.

“Under the circumstances, the need of the hour is a policy whereby we do not import, but make products in Pakistan,” said Dawood.

The advisor further informed that the Ministry of Commerce is aggressively pursuing changes in the tariff structure for the upcoming budget, which will allow the government to facilitate local production, thereby moving towards local manufacturing, pursuing our ‘Make in Pakistan Policy’.

  • We used to have an auto vehicles manufacturer with the name of Adams Revo, and far before there was also an auto vehicles company with the name of Proficient. Please help them to revive. We badly need local car manufacturers. Localisation is a key component to reduce the prices of products. Hope to see some Made in Pakistan cars soon.

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    We need to make SOP SRO etc within 24 Hours to support local industry for Export

  • with the most expensive electricity and this guy owns many IPPs plants who are the cause of all this he has audacity to say this?

  • Dear Team, how can we convey message to the government/authorities regarding mobile tax (PTA registration) during this Covid-19 pandemic crisis situation.
    It is very to manage things when there is no income and businesses are merely not working since last 1.5 month.
    Please bring it in consideration of government or authorities,so that relieve could be granted.

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