Following Toyota & Honda, Hyundai Increases Prices

The local auto industry has been reeling from the impact of coronavirus with multiple companies halting their operations completely which has brought the whole industry to a virtual standstill. The situation has worsened with the rupee weakening against the dollar, which has forced the automakers to increase their prices.

Initially, Road Prince announced an increase in the prices of their bikes, followed by Toyota and recently, it was Honda that announced a hike. Now, Hyundai-Nishat has announced an increase in the prices of their H-100 pickup due to the devaluation of the rupee.


Honda Hikes Prices for All Cars by Up to Rs. 120,000

In a letter written to its dealerships, the company has said that while they are grateful for the team efforts in making the pickup a success, they launched the Porter H-100 at an introductory price but have had to increase their prices.

You can see the new prices below:

Model Current Price (PKR) Price Increase (PKR) New Price (PKR)
Porter H-100 Deckless 2,409,000 50,000 2,459,000
Porter H-100 Flat Deck 2,429,000 50,000 2,479,000
Porter H-100 High Deck 2,449,000 50,000 2,499,000



Toyota Pakistan Increases Car Prices by Up to Rs. 500,000

These prices are effective from 6th May 2020 and these prices are ex-factory.

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  • Yaha Walo Ko Lakho Kam Karna Chahyeh Sale Barhani Chahyeh Aur Khud Drop Kar Rahay hai

  • Pakistan is basically surviving devoid of any Strategy therefore everyone instantly increase prices not car but also everything. Any way, it is antagonistic act which industrialist and stakeholders are playing. In the end they will write a article and mention about decline sales respectively.

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