President Islamic University Buys a Rs. 300k iPhone Using University Funds

Misusing public funds is a common thing in our country. It is no longer news when politicians and higher-ups of government institutions fill their own pockets from the hard-earned money of taxpayers.

When people related to education do this, it becomes unbearable. One such incident took place in the International Islamic University, Islamabad, where an Additional Director of the institution bought a brand new iPhone worth over Rs. 3 lac from the university fund.



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According to the notice, Asif Kamal, Addl. Director (Electrical) purchased an iPhone worth Rs. 312,080 from Rs. 300,000 issued to him by the Purchase and Stores Section. The remaining Rs. 12,080 were to be reimbursed to Asif Kamal, the notice read.

The matter has become a hot topic on social media with users bashing the President for misusing the funds. Although the notice is from 2019, however, it has sparked a wave of anger among the Twitterati. Here’s the notification of the transaction:

Students have to pay thousands in university fees only to be used for purchasing such extravagant items for the personal use of the top officials.

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  • He is an Active member of PTI and now a days working for “Tiger Force” as well. So just like Mr Tareen the tiger force member will not face any charges whatsoever.

    Meanwhile our Nation can Enjoy Etrtugrul on PTV as our priority is absolutely clear.

  • President? Additional Director (Electrical)?
    Approval from Vice President of AF&P
    Get the facts straight first………
    No university buys their employes mobile phones.
    It must be from research project funding which he will be awarded.
    Still waste of valuable money.

  • HEC So Raha hai Koi Audit Nahi Hoti
    Kitna Kamya Kitna Kaha Lagaya :
    Koi Phohne Wala Nahi :


  • International Islamic University is only created to spread Wahhabisim. No education, nothing. Just ruin youth. And no one notice in government because they only look of it was PMLN or PPP case. Otherwise nothing. So much for Naya Pakistan and Tabdeeli Government. And now youthiya’s can bark.

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