Hazara Division Launches “No Mask, No Shopping & No Petrol” Campaign

Aiming to compel citizens to adhere to SOPs issued by the government, Hazara division police has launched a “no mask no shopping and no mask no petrol” campaign.

Under this campaign, citizens of all districts of Hazara division would not be able to shop or refuel their vehicles if they are not wearing face masks.

The campaign has been launched just days after the government eased the Coronavirus lockdown restrictions.


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DIG Hazara division, Qazi Jamil-ur-Rehman has said that the underlying objective of this campaign is to save the public from contracting Coronavirus. It will also raise awareness about the importance of face masks among citizens.

I am sure this campaign would be highly successful as in the past we have introduced another successful no helmet no petrol campaign.

The DIG has also communicated to all DPOs of Hazara division to ensure the implementation of SOPs and the newly launched campaign in their districts.

  • are they also distributing free masks???

    normal surgical mask costs minimum Rs.40 these days, which we used to get around 3-5 rupees in the normal days… everybody cannot afford this,,, has anyone considered this so far?

    or they will be satisfied with those normal cloth masks as well? which are of no use when it comes to prevent the virus outspread

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