Kia is Bringing 800V Ultra-Fast Charging to Affordable Electric Cars

In the near future, super-fast 800V charging won’t just be available for luxury EVs, as Kia has announced that several of its EVs will have an 800V charging feature very soon.

The company added that this feature won’t just be available in its high-end models; this was announced as part of a roadmap that laid out the next stage of electrification. Instead, the design will be used when it “most closely matches” the usage expected from a given model.


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The 800V charging might be seen in a coupe or a sedan but for most “cost-conscious buyers” and other more modest rides will still have 400V. The 800V charging is a game-changer when the EV is plugged in the right charger – it can be seen in the cars such as the Taycan and upcoming E-Tron GT.

Kia is hoping for a full charge in less than 20 minutes even if the car has a range of over 310 miles. It might still be slower than a stop at the petrol station but it is still fast enough for a person to make a short pit stop and come out with a car that has a full charge.

While Kia hasn’t announced when the next-gen EVs are going to be released but it is expected that they will sell 11 vehicles around the globe by 2025 with the first new-generation EV coming in 2021.

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