China to Ban Apple, Qualcomm & Boeing in Response to US Bans

Huawei has been facing severe setbacks ever since it was blacklisted by the US Department of Commerce. Since then, the Chinese company has been cut off from its supply of international software and hardware and was forced to switch to alternative resources.

Now after a year, China is preparing for a harsh counteraction of its own. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce is reportedly readying its own “Unreliable Entity List” that will include:

Foreign organizations, individuals and companies that block or shut supply chains, or take discriminatory measures for non-commercial reasons, whose actions endanger the business of Chinese companies as well as global consumers and companies.

The entities placed on this list will face legal and administrative measures and Chinese citizens will also be warned against them. As of now, it is unknown what exactly these legal and administrative measures will be.

Sources with inside knowledge on the matter believe that the Chinese government is looking to target companies that rely heavily on China and its resources. Rumor has it that the list of entities will include Apple, Qualcomm, Cisco, and Boeing at first with more added over time if deemed necessary.

Huawei has already developed its own HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) and exclusively uses its in-house Kirin chips in its smartphones as an alternative to the trade ban. The company also revealed Harmony OS, otherwise known as HongMeng OS for its smart TVs and other smart accessories.

As for the “Unreliable Entity List”, more details will surface over time and we’ll update this space as soon as they appear.

  • China and USA should make peace with each other this madness will cause global chaos.

  • Khuda ka wasta ha apna flagging system theek krlo.

  • China belt and Road was a disaster . Stabbed the friends by offering loans on useless projects

  • China is in no position to make threats… yeh je inki bewakoofi ki wajah se puri dunia main corona phaila hah jo isko bari araam se contain kar saktay thay inko abhi thoray arsay tak economically chittar parain gay…

    • Its is not China fault when China warned the world about corona everywhere corona cases were zero.Everyone is just trying to scapegoat China for their own failure to contain the virus.

      • The question is: some country achieved to avoid the outbreak of covid-19, of Course not, the US that It has more than onde Million of cases and and more than onde hundred thousand of casualities. Somebody may only to be kidding that the chineses would bar this outbreak that anyonelse in other countries achieved this goal.

      • Sorry but i totally disagree.. doctors in china started confirming patients with corona symptoms 3 months before november when they made this public.. as being a communist country, instead of taking action at that time instantly they started kidnapping and threatning those doctors and started saying theyre just spreading fear… instead of saving their reput at that that time and wasting so much time. China shouldve instantly shut down the wuhan so no one should go in or out… but they wanted to hide it… and now even the disease is still at large.. they still opened the illegal animal markets again? Comon man think from your head… this is same but even worse than russia trying to hide chernobyl as that effected some countries.. but this is effecting the whole world

  • while our govt. can only think of abusing our OWN PEOPLE overseas Pakistani’s by leveraging 50,000+ PKR in mobile taxes. What a TABDELI.

  • Just using it as a pressure tactic to ease the Huawei ban in USA. If they do go with such ban the USA companies would go bankrupt. China has the higher ground here.

  • China has economic, technological and military might over the U.S. This clash will bring new players to the table.

  • Ab Dehari per kam karnay wali quom dunya ko threat karay gee??? China has no future if USA find other market to fulfill to make their orders.

    • china’s own market is greater than USA. Even china economy is greater than whole Europe !!

  • China has the advantage in this war. Us blocked shipment of Huawei products to the country, thosr are cheaper and will make US companys to fail, but those companies will fail anyways as a result of the counters measures from China. USA made a bad move.

  • China has so far not made any such announcement. Please verify before publishing such news. Other handset manufacturers based out of China like ZTE, XIAOMI, VIVO etc.,. are all using Qualcomm chips. It will be suicide to ban Qualcomm in China. The only alternate if they decide to ban Qualcomm would be to use Samsung chips which would not be a good idea.

    • Did you forgot Kirin chips? A competitor of Qualcomm? China has got everything covered. They are now independent.

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