Moody’s is Not Downgrading Pakistan’s B3 Rating: Finance Division

The Ministry of Finance has said that the rating review conducted by Moody’s Investor Service on 14th May 2020 did not downgrade Pakistan’s B3 rating.

In a press release, the Ministry has said that Moody’s Investor Service has only placed the current rating under review for downgrade in case the G-20 Covid-19 Debt Service Suspension Initiative (G-20 DSSI) extends to private-sector creditors.

The action is, therefore, not Pakistan specific and is in line with Moody’s global approach to place under review for downgrading all sovereigns availing the G-20 DSSI.

The Ministry of Finance has further said that the review by Moody’s Investor Service acknowledges that Pakistan has not indicated any interest in extending its debt service relief request to the private sector creditors and that the country’s fundamentals remain strong and on track.

The review also appreciates that amid the pandemic, Pakistan’s economic, financial and institutional strength remains materially unchanged.

  • they should. country is going to go bankrupt due to all the special virus related packages. and that’s before the disease even reaches its peak.

    • We have successfully got corona under control we have already started production of remdesivir which will wipeout corona not just from Pakistan but from other neighboring countries also once we start exporting there.This is the peak from here on once medicine ready corona will go downward.

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