Situation Report: 1,446 New Cases and 28 Deaths Reported in Last 24 Hours

Pakistan saw 1,446 new coronavirus cases on April 26th, 2020, to take the tally to 59,191 total cases in the country yet. Of new cases, 573 were identified in Sindh while Punjab reported 464 new cases in a single day. Islamabad reported record 151 new cases yet in a single day.

A total of 28 patients died of coronavirus related complications yesterday, as compared to 30 deaths a day before.

New cases decreased during past few days, mainly due to Eid holidays as patients tend to not to report to hospital during holidays. Number of test also decreased during past four days. For example Pakistan conducted 16,387 tests on May 21, that dropped to around 7,525 (lowest in five days) on May 25th.

Pakistan conducted  8,491 tests yesterday.

Interestingly, deaths also decreased during past 5 days. Though number of deaths are usually reported several days after a patient is tested positive. A possible reason could be under-reporting or late reporting due to holidays. But if not the case, its a positive sign that number of deaths also decreased during past few days.

After Eid holidays, in next 10-12 days, the situation will be more clearer as the officials are fearing that cases could surge in June due to social movement during last week of Ramzan and during Eid.

More in below table and graphs:

Confirmed Cases In 24 Hours Tests in 24 Hours Deaths Last 24 Hours
AJK 214 3 38 04 01
Balochistan 3,536 68 269 42 03
GB 638 8 109 09 01
Islamabad 1,879 151 587 18 01
KP 8,259 179 1,134 416 08
Punjab 21,118 464 4,027 362 10
Sindh 23,597 573 2,327 371 04
Total 59,151 1,446 14,705 1,225 28

  • The number of Covid cases are decreasing everyday. Thanks to the leadership of Imran Khan to make every effort to make our country secure and safe. I am not worried about the problems as my Leader Imran Khan will solve everything for Pakistan.

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