Fuel Prices Reduced Significantly in Pakistan

The government has made significant reductions to the price of fuel in Pakistan.

According to a notification issued on Sunday, prices for June 2020 were reduced as follows:

  • Petrol by Rs. 7.06 per litre
  • Kerosene by Rs 11.88 per litre
  • Light diesel oil (LDO) by Rs 9.37 per litre

However, the price of diesel has been increased by 0.05 rupees.

It is worth mentioning that the government approved Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) recommended reduction in prices.

After this new approval, the petrol price has come down from current Rs81.58/litre to Rs74.52/litre, Kerosene price has come down to Rs35.56/ litre from current Rs47.44/litre and the LDO price has been reduced to Rs38.14/litre from current Rs47.51 litre.

Diesel price has been increased by Rs0.05/litre to Rs80.15/liter.

The government is  charging 17% general sales tax (GST) on all petroleum products.

Apart from it, the government is also collecting petroleum levy (PL) on these products, which is taken directly from consumers.

  • This is Imran Khan’s effect. I am proud to be a part of PTI that is bringing change in Pakistan. I love Imran Khan and I pray for him every day. The most brilliant, noble and best person in this history of Pakistan. I hope he will remain our PM till my last breath.

    Because he is the only hope. Normal Pakistanis have no leadership skills and 99.999% population can never produce any leaders. That is why we need Imran Khan to lead us.

  • 30PKR is the petroleum Levy per litre from this “REDUCED” price pal. JIYE TABDEELI…. :)

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