Gayle & Sammy Open Up About the Racism They’ve Faced While Playing Cricket

The West Indian cricketers have shared their support for the Black Lives Matter cause with two times T20 World Cup-winning captain, Darren Sammy, urging the International Cricket Council (ICC) to stand up against racism.

Talking about the incident, he said that it happens every day with people of color, adding that if cricket boards are not uniting against the evil, they are also a part of the problem.


The legendary West Indian opener, Chris Gayle, has also said that racism is in cricket as well, adding that he himself has experienced racial discrimination despite the fact that he is a renowned star.


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In an Instagram story following the George Floyd incident, the Universe Boss

Black lives matter just like any other life. Black people matter, stop taking black people for fools, even our own black people wise up and stop bringing down your own! I have travelled the globe and experience racial remarks towards me because I am black, believe me, the list goes on.

“Racism is not only in football, it’s in cricket too!! Even within teams as a Black man, I get the end of the stick!!”, he further wrote in his story.

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