HEC Rejects Promotions Without Exams & Responds to Protestors Demands

Higher Education Commission (HEC) has taken the proposition of promoting university students without examination out of the equation.

HEC’s statement has come after students across the country waged protests against HEC’s handling of the entire online education affair amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.


Students Launch Protest Against HEC Demanding Fee Reduction & Exam Cancellation

The biggest demonstration took place outside HEC headquarters in Islamabad as the students demanded promotion to the next semester without examinations, suspension of online classes, and semester fees to be waived off.

Students have been facing all sorts of issues during the Coronavirus pandemic ranging from lack of smartphones and laptops to poor or no internet coverage in remote areas and from the mediocre quality of online lectures being delivered to a state of confusion regarding the announcement of online exams.


HEC to be Completely Revamped During the COVID-19 Pandemic

According to the official statement by the HEC following the protests, HEC is in close contact with all the Vice-Chancellors (VCs) to resolve all issues being faced by students. HEC and all universities are also working with PTA to fix the connectivity issues being faced by students.

As far as the demand for a fee waiver is concerned, HEC has ensured the students that it will take up the issue with the universities in the coming days.

  • Online education is the only solution in this situation …but first teachers should be given proper training , they are just uploading bundles of recorded lectures that is a complete mess and has nothing to do with concepts.

    Mean while HEC is playing DUMB!!
    We want semester promotion or open universities!!! RIP !!HEC..

  • Most of the university student were paying there fees by earning themselves by doing part time jobs due to lockdown everyone suffered so the university should give us fee waiver

  • Is There necessity to take online viva based examination (mids+terminals)?? They can better evaluate by any other mode of examination rather then taking vivas by external examiners. No one even understand what the students are facing. If they can’t promote without exams they can notify the universities to adopt any easy mode bcz it complete unfair to play with future of students by Evaluating with 10-12 mints.

  • Keep the strike on, stand your ground HEC is nothing without students. They have to listen to students at any cost.

  • Universities are demanding upcoming semester dues…
    Still we are not in that semester…
    Rather than offering relief…
    You guys are playing with the families..and their feelings…
    Dear students keep the strike on
    We can’t afford the bulky dues..

  • Online classes is the only solution in this situation but the HEC must focus on the semester fees that the the students submitted because the online classes are not so much effective and also the students are not using any facilities from the universities so the HEC must take action about the fees.

  • I live in countryside .my father is former my father can not effort my fees but my father say me leave the university but i cant leave university .plz return our fees .one thing i have big networks issue in my village .so thats why i can’t take online class . Plz promote us we know you are educated see us plz

  • Kindly reduce 50% Bachelor’s and Master’s tuition fees to eliminate extra burden on students.

  • Teachers are working day and night to improve their reading skills (that stuff in the so called PP slides). Also, they are trying their level best to burdenize the students with video lectures without themselves being bothered about the concepts of students. Without any rational comparison b/w how much they used to teach in an actual 1 hour lecture, they are just trying to break every record speedometers ever made..HEC has nothing to do with all this, only those can understand who’re going through this.

    • Yes u r right as concepts of the students may not be clear in this way as in classroom teaching… Universities should be opened in August atleast.

  • The education in Pakistan is already in doldrums and we are sorry not to impart quality education to our students. Nd these days online teaching learning process is not effective especially when our country is not very advanced with modern technology. Plz open universities as young people can act upon sops and adhere to campus policies and rules. I demand reopening of universities atleast.

  • We should submit only tution fee i.e 8000 but not 5000 whole semester, because of not using facilities of university e.g library, security, vehicles, offices, inaddition to we will do internet packages at our own expenses. Hec should take in consideration my statements

  • This is totally unfair with university students if school nd college students enjoy promotions than why we not. A student who can’t understand during lecture even in classroom than how can he understand on this online class. Plz give us the opportunity to save our future for this online shit

  • Salam sir gi ap online classes ka keh rhy hu ur university wly topics py topics bjh rhy h k ye assignments bnwo ye presentations bnwo ur research bi lst smstr studnts kai lea bht issues h fst ye k hr koi internet connection ful time afford nhy kr skty sb log ameer nhy hty k wifi ghr m lga hu ur rhy bt pkg ki toh parents khty h k phly smsters fees dethy rhy ab ye is se acha h cncl kr lo sb ya is se acha ta k jelly degree lty usm bi bghr prry lty is m bi net se sb copy paste h ur dsri bt ye lockdwon critical situation ki wja se na k summer ya plasent event vacations h bht sry families is covid 19 m suffer kr rhy h ur deaths bi hrhy h families m toh wo kesay study kry jo khd bi fevr ur in sb symptoms m sufr kr rhy h. Kindly hmry future py experience na kry online classes ur exm ka hm ghareeb log h itna sb kuch afrd nhy kr skty ur hmra time waste na kry.thank u. ?

  • It is completely unfair. This flop online system is no more effective… HEC just playing with future of students. They have no idea many areas are completely lock down students of such ares are quarantine in their homes & mentally depressed…kindly stop this student can’t afford this all.

  • Plz i donot want to promote but asked agriculture university of fsd postponed exams till july plz we r not mentaly prepared and our prepration for exams is noy so good plz give me sometime for prepration

  • We donot need promotion at all sir we just need tim to understand all this bcz we r not adjust in online system plz do something for us our future is more important plz ask for posiponed exams its too tough for us plz we r young enough to follow sops ask for uni opening and take exams there

  • pakistan is the poor country why HEC looking other world countries thet richest people they can connect internet easily but we cannot i think HEC deprive us from education or leave us for taking classes physically in universities but promote is the best way during COVID19

  • HEC should take it serious..students are taking classes but there are many issues like internet and laptop etc..we should must ptomote to next smester because we pay fee for regular classes not online classes..and HEC should must wavier our fees..JZAKALLAH

  • Relief in fees must be given since universities aren’t incurring as much of many typical expenses like electricity, gas, water, equipment usage, etc.

    Also, staff must be paid their full salaries since they are a small fraction of actual expenses.

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