Invest Wisely with Amidst COVID-19

As the impacts of Coronavirus struck the world, the financial markets slumped globally and nationally. Countries around the world enforced lockdowns to curb all social gatherings and activities, practice physical distancing and self-isolation.

Even in these challenging times ‘Digital transformation’ is what kept the world connected.


Along with the growing impacts of COVID-19, grew the influence of information technology. With every passing day, this disruptive innovation becomes more information-intensive to guide people through this time of crisis.

During this uncertain time, you can invest wisely with amidst COVID-19.

To keep our community, our clientele and employees protected, offers innovative ways – 360° VR Viewing and Virtual Tours for you to invest easily.

While everyone has come together to work on coping with this pandemic, we remain open for business by transforming the future of the Real Estate Industry and presenting ‘Real Estate Virtual Tours.’

After all, the safest investment in a crisis is real estate.

Here is how #TeamGraana is managing services around the clock, in a safer way as much as possible, for potential customers to view properties and projects, whenever and wherever they want and for as long as they want.

  1. Free Investment Advice & Consultancy

A lot of people are intimidated by ‘investing’ – It’s easier than you think.

To invest, you need to know in detail about your investment options and  why you’re making this investment, what your budget is and what is your goal. makes your investment journey easier!

If you are looking for investment advice from the real estate experts, would like to discuss investment, or, simply looking for more information… We are just one call away.

All you need to do is call us on 051 -111-555-555 or 0343 2-555-555 to book an appointment with our sales representative.

  1. Projects with Money

In the wake of COVID-19 and the cutting edge world, are you looking for legitimate ways to earn money?

The best option is to invest!

There are many vehicles for investments. You may have heard about mutual funds, bonds, stocks, gold, real estate. But out of these, what is the best solution?

Real Estate, and there is proof.

Real estate investment offers predictable cash flows, appreciation in value over time, higher returns and more incentives. It holds a significant advantage over investment in bonds, stocks, or mutual funds as it gives you full ownership of the tangible asset.

Real estate investment ensures higher monetary returns as a passive income for a safer future making real estate investment as the best option to invest.

Investing in real estate may intimidate many, but understanding real estate investment is simple.

Before investing it is essential that you know your budget.

Done? Let’s move forward.

Are you looking for the best investment opportunities?

Simply visit – the best solution to all your real estate problems!

Along with offering

–          Safe and secure investment deals

–          20 -26% guaranteed profits

–          Buyback policy with money-back guarantee, Pakistan’s smartest property portal has the fastest-selling projects in the Twin Cities.

The projects are:

  • Florence Galleria

Pakistan’s First Luxury Boutique Mall is an epitome of luxury that represents the rebirth of the Renaissance.

Nestled in the prime location of DHA 2, it promises to provide a luxurious shopping experience for its visitors, Florence Galleria will be home to an international four-star hotel and luxury suites. The offered amenities include a Rooftop Dining Experience, Gold Souk, Retail Shops, and the Health and Wellbeing Centre.

The DHA approved project offers:

–  Investment starting from Rs18.25 Lac

–  2-year easy installment plan

–  Booking at 5%, own your retail outlet

–  20 – 26% annual returns.

  • Imarat Builders Mall

Diverse in terms of architecture, innovation and investment plan, Pakistan’s Biggest Builders Mall is your go-to place for all your construction needs.

Imarat Builders Mall is located at the prime site on Main Grand Trunk Road, Near T Chowk, in Islamabad – the hub of commercial activity in the twin cities makes it an ideal venture to invest in.

It offers:

–  Investment starting from Rs. 17 Lac

–  1-year easy investment plan

–  20 – 26% Annual returns

  • Amazon Outlet Mall

Inspired by the façade of the bandbaan (sails) of a ship, Pakistan’s First Rainforest themed Mall is an embrace of the modernist architectural style that has a minimalist approach and ornamentation.

The amenities include Rainforest Foodcourt, Executive Business Centre, Rooftop restaurant, Lilypads, Tech Park, and retail outlets.

It offers:

–  Investment starting from Rs35 Lac

–  20 – 26% annual returns

  • Mall of Arabia

An architectural marvel, the Mall of Arabia is the modern representation of a rich heritage of the Arab world, incorporating designs that celebrate a shared history.

With Mall of Arabia, experience and appreciate deep-rooted heritage, exquisite architecture, world-class shopping, and incomparable entertainment under one magnificent opulent roof.

The amenities include a Themed Food Court, Entertainment Hub, Business Centre, Luxury Retail, Indoor Children’s Play Area, and Arabian Park.

It offers:

–  Investment starting from Rs18 Lac

–  2.5-year easy installment plan

  1. 360° VR Viewing and Virtual Tours

A project caught your eye?

You don’t have to leave your homes anymore to visit a project site. Graana offers Pakistan’s first Virtual Property Tour for you to visit.

You can enjoy 360° Virtual Reality Guided Tours and 360° Live Guided Tour from the comfort of your homes.

To visit any project of your demand, place a request by calling on the UAN mentioned above, and book your slot.

Teams at Graana are actively working online to arrange the offered live virtual tours through various channels including Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype, to make it easier for you to choose without having to leave your homes.

After viewing a project, customers are easily convinced about investing or not.

This offer comes keeping in mind the ongoing events, to ensure safety, follow the advised precautionary measures and issues SOPs, and to cater the customers better.

The real estate virtual tours, both VR and Live, allow you to visit requested properties and every inch of the offered mega projects – all before it is even built.

  1. Sparking Innovation

Virtual Booking Interface

Taking VR a step forward brings you Virtual Booking Interface, where you can now book and sign documents virtually, creating a more seamless experience.

Virtual Experience 

Graana understands that looking at high-definition photos and using Google Maps can give an idea of a property and its surroundings, but that lacks a tactile feel of actually visiting the space physically.

This is where VR comes into play, to give you a Virtual Experience in order to get a more detailed insight of the site or property, keeping in mind your safety.

What was established with a goal to transform the Real Estate Industry of Pakistan, is excited to change the Real Estate Experience for you by implementing and adopting new technologies and constantly evolving.

If you’re looking to invest for a safe future amidst COVID-19, invest wisely with

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