Microsoft’s Chrome-Based Edge Browser Will Roll Out With Windows Updates

Microsoft revamped its Edge browser for Windows 10 a few months ago into Edge Chromium, which is now based on the same engine as Google Chrome and is part of the Chromium Project by Google. Previously it was only available through manual downloads but it will now start rolling out through official Windows 10 updates.


The original Microsoft Edge was based on EdgeHTML and Chakra JavaScript browser engine, but the revamped Edge Chromium runs on Blink and V8 engines just as Chrome, Opera, and several other browsers. Hence, the browser has similar performance to Chrome and most of its features, shortcuts and extensions work the same way as Chrome. This is paired with extensive UI changes too.

Google Chrome’s extension website recognizes the new Edge as Chrome and lets you install all of its extensions just as they would on Chrome.

Being a first-party browser, Edge Chromium features several efficiency and performance advantages on Windows 10 and combines them with the compatibility, features, and support available for Chrome to bring the best of both worlds. As a result, you get a browser that runs easily on slower machines and consumes less battery while bringing a plethora of features and support.

Additionally, Edge Chromium has its own set of features as well such as reading mode, better privacy settings, and several upcoming ones such as sidebar search, vertical tabs, and more.

Edge Chromium can be downloaded manually from Microsoft’s website and it will be available through Windows updates for users running 1803, 1809, 1903, and 1909 builds.


  • Microsoft’s Chrome-Based Edge Browser Will Roll Out With Windows Updates/

    fix it, its chromium based.

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