English Bowler Received Death Threats on Dismissing Tendulkar Before 100th Hundred

England all-rounder, Tim Bresnan, has revealed that he received death threats for getting the wicket of Indian great, Sachin Tendulkar before he could complete his 100th career hundred.

Not just this, the umpire, Rod Tucker, also experienced the same because he gave him leg before wicket to a ball which was going to miss the leg stump, Bresnan further revealed.


‘How dare you give him out?’

Speaking to the Yorkshire Cricket: Covers Off podcast, Bresnan said he got death threats on Twitter while people wrote to Tucker regarding his decision to give Tendulkar out.

It was at The Oval in the last Test of the series. This ball, it was probably missing leg anyway, and umpire (Tucker), Aussie lad, shot him out. He was on 80-odd as well (91), definitely going to get it (his century). We win the series and go to number one in the world.

“We both got death threats, me and this umpire, we got death threats for ages after. I got them on Twitter and he (Tucker) had people writing to him to his home address and stuff, getting proper death threats going, ‘How dare you give him out? It was missing leg”, he further said.


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Tucker, in a meeting with the Yorkshire cricketer, told that he got Police protection and security guards after the threats.

Tendulkar, who has a total of 100 centuries in international cricket, is the most worshipped cricketer in the world and has one of the biggest fan followings for a sportsperson.

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