Telenor Launches PIN IT Feature to Assist Pakistanis During COVID Crisis

Telenor is providing relief to Pakistanis during coronavirus pandemic by launching a helpful new feature in the flagship ‘My Telenor’ mobile application by the name of PIN IT.

This feature allows people to tag essential outlets like grocery stores, pharmacies and petrol stations with their status whether they are open and closed so that others can view this too and step out safely reducing their exposure to the ongoing threat.

Where physical collaboration became impossible, Telenor launched a digital collaboration initiative to inform fellow citizens through PIN IT. To use this feature, download the My Telenor application and open the PIN IT feature.

You need to turn location services on to see places around your location and to tag new locations on the map.

In the light on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, uncertainty has increased not only in Pakistan but around the world. Pakistan’s coronavirus tally surpassed 100K patients with 67K active cases.

Stepping out even for essential items is difficult, and people are scared of exposing themselves when going out to find shops or pharmacies. Telenor has brought an innovative solution to counter this uncertainty.

PIN IT feature is a true sign of collective positive social action enabled by Pakistan’s leading cellular services company, Telenor Pakistan. Coronavirus pandemic has put more responsibility on the shoulders of brands to produce innovative solutions that can tackle ongoing problems.

Telenor has stepped up time and again to empower Pakistani citizens by leading from the front.

PIN IT is one of the many helpful features Telenor has launched ever since lockdown was enforced in Pakistan. Now that the lockdown is easing across the country, it has become even more important to follow SOPs and avoid unnecessary exposure.

Pioneer features like PIN IT will surely pave way for more innovative solutions that will not only empower but also build a stronger community during and post coronavirus crisis.

  • Good to see Telenor taking good initiatives in this pandemic situation. It will help many people out.

  • Another worthy feature from Telenor for not only their users but also for other mobile networks’ subscribers

  • Initiatives like these deserve a lot of praise. Kudos to the brains behind this.

  • Telenor always brings brilliant ideas to help us. First “Stay Home” and now “Pin It”. Always up to the mark!

  • This is something great work to help others in this pandemic. Thankyou Telenor

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic has added more responsibility on brands to facilitate public with innovative methods using technology PIN IT by Telenor is a great example of that l.

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