PSO Doubles Sales in June After Other OMCs Create An Artificial Shortage

PSO’s daily average sale and market share in both petrol and diesel have increased significantly in June’20 as compared to the last eleven (11) months due to the shift in demand from other companies’ outlets.

The current daily average sale of PSO has increased significantly by almost 122% in these days as compared to the last eleven (11) months per day average sales in both products i.e. PMG and HSD. The average sales of PSO are over 33,800 MT/per day vs. 15,200 MT/per day last eleven (11) months.


OGRA Finds Millions of Liters of Petrol Hoarded by OMCs, Slaps Heavy Fines

Despite the strain on PSO’s supply chain, as a responsible corporate citizen, PSO remains committed to fueling the nation under all circumstances. PSO is working 24X7 to ensure we meet the Nation’s fuel needs and keep the wheels of the economy turning. PSO will always fulfill our commitment to the nation”.