Reason’s Air Conditioner is the Perfect Summer Companion for All

In a very short time, Reason Electronics has become a brand the consumers can trust and value. Keeping up with the brand’s tradition of unmatched innovation, Reason recently stepped up its game with another smart product.

New on the line is the smartest Air Conditioner. Aesthetically designed and priced to suit every home, the air-conditioner is one of its kind. The AC is available in both 1 and 1.5 tonnage and the other features are astonishing, if not amazing.

Reason claims that its air-conditioner is the very best and provides 3 times faster cooling, 1.5 times energy-saving and 50 times quieter than any other air conditioner which is more than any other brand can say for itself.

What’s even more exciting is the fact that the air conditioner is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and can be integrated and controlled through the consumer’s smart phone.

With WhatsApp and Facebook integration, the consumer will now be able to chat with the AC while the AC is all set to self-diagnose and also alert the consumer about bill and energy consumption predictions.

With all these features, the air-conditioner itself will be the resource manager for the consumer. It would not be wrong to say that it is not just an air conditioner but the latest gadget with the smartest application ever!

If all of that wasn’t enough, Reason is geared to blow your mind even more! The brand will also be offering free installation and 7-days money back guarantee to establish trust amongst the consumer.

The compressor comes with life-time warranty and in case of problems, Reason technicians will visit the consumer free of charge for the first whole year.

Reason’s CEO, Mr. Abdul Rehman Talat, is all ready for the air-conditioner to rock the market and the consumer with a product that does everything one could want it to do.

“With this Air-Conditioner, we made sure that we targeted all the needs and demands of the common man while still keeping the product as cost-effective as possible. We have already set the bar very high with the other Reason products but are hopeful that the air-conditioner would be able to sweep everyone off their feet just as effectively.”

Looking at the long list of features, we are bound to agree with Mr. Abdul Rehman but it is exciting to see how this new product by Reason is impacting the market and causing waves in the vast sea of electronics.

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