Former Indian Cricketer Slams Indians For Mocking Afridi Over COVID-19 Diagnosis

Former Pakistan captain, Shahid Afridi, tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend after a restless philanthropic drive to help the affectees of the Coronavirus lockdown.

Taking to Twitter, Afridi broke the news of testing COVID-19 positive to his fans:

Afridi’s announcement drew supportive messages from all over the world including India.

Despite Afridi’s fierce speech in Azad Jammu & Kashmir against Modi’s callous treatment of the people of Indian-occupied Kashmir, some sane elements across the border wished Afridi a speedy recovery.

Even Gautam Gambhir, Afridi’s arch-rival to date, brushed the long-standing animosity aside and said:

Nobody should be infected with this virus. I have political differences with Shahid Afridi but I want him to recover as soon as possible. But more than Afridi I want every person infected in my country to get well as soon as possible.

However, some members of the India Twitterati allowed hatred to get a hold of them as they mocked Afridi for testing positive for the disease.

Aakash Chopra, Indian commentator and former cricketer, has slammed his compatriots for lack of empathy towards Afridi following his COVID-19 diagnosis.

Sharing a screenshot of a YouTube video which read “Shahid Afridi punished for his misdeeds” in Hindi, Chopra penned:


  • Look the pigs are oinking. Who needs those wishes when god’s with us.

  • Indians should Respect him. He is the future PM or atleast the CM Sindh or CM Punjab in the near future. Anyway He should join the platform of PTI and we will welcome him with open arms. Two Pukhtoons (Imran Khan and Afridi) can make PTI invincible.

      • Yes he is the writer of the book “Warrior Race”. Go and read the book of Imran Khan ” Warrior Race ” where he talks about his Race and feel pride on it.

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