Online Store Lists Windows 11 for Pre-Orders

Microsoft has always said that it has no intention to make Windows 11 and that it plans to keep improving Windows 10 with new updates and features. However, a new report suggests that it might not be the case anymore.


Mark Wilson from betanews reports that he spotted a Windows 11 pre-order page on a website called SoftwareKeep that claims to be a certified partner of Microsoft. Knowing Microsoft’s plans to not make Windows 11, Mark started a live chat with a support agent at the retailer website.

Windows 11 Pre-order page

“100% Positive Windows 11 Will be Announced”

The support agent claimed that Windows 11 will be posted on Microsoft’s official website on July 1 and will be released by the end of the month. When told that Microsoft has no intention to make Windows 11, the agent said that he was 100% positive that it will be announced. The agent added that he had contacted the content department and they had told him that it was directly from Microsoft.

Windows 11 pre-order page (1)

Not long after the chat, Mark said that he received an email from SoftwareKeep. It was an apology from the company regarding the misinformation from the product listing and it also expressed gratitude for bringing the matter to light. It added that the product listing had been removed but Mark said that it was accessible for hours

SoftwareKeep offered Mark a thank you gift but he declined to give his personal address. He also informed Microsoft about what had happened soon afterward.

Microsoft is yet to respond to the situation but we will update this space as soon as there is an official word.



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