Amreli Steels Is Winning Hearts With Its New ‘Nice Vs. Right’ Message

This is not another humdrum TVC with unreal people mindlessly prancing and chanting things no one wants to hear, let alone remember. Neither is it one of those over-emotional takes on already stressful life. Rather, it is something you would want to see again and again, perhaps even more than the program in the middle of which it shows up.

It’s a solid story with superb execution. And we love it because we all connect to it as it perfectly resonates with our own lives and challenges. It masterly shows the dilemma that most of the Pakistani middle-class families face when it comes to having to choose between what’s right and what’s usually expected, albeit wrong.

The Amreli Steels’ #AapKiTarhaSOLID campaign has amassed huge critical acclaim in a very short span since its recent release. Showcasing a story from the perspective of a female protagonist – which is quite uncommon for the category of this particular business – the ad depicts a man of principle who has always chosen to be right over unduly nice, no matter how tough the consequences.

The story features the entire journey of a middle-class family showcasing various real-life situations that test the character of the father who, through his example and actions, instills the values of standing up for what is right in his children.

Where he could earn more or win undue favors for himself or his children, he held on to the right ways and found true happiness for himself and his family. He spends his life’s savings – which he had set aside to build a home for his family – on his son’s business and the daughter’s foreign education. He also has to fight with his own brother in favor of his daughter’s education.

But in the end, all turns out well and the family eventually is able to build their new home, with the daughter now a qualified architect and the son a successful entrepreneur. Needless to say, the message closes with the ‘right’ choice of steel in the construction of the new house which, obviously, is Amreli Steels.

Within the first two days of the campaign, an organic reach of 1 million was recorded with 495K video views coming from the brand’s official Facebook page alone. The views for the Facebook page itself recorded a massive surge of 1,379% during the week.

Such a successful and meaningful campaign is a first for the steel category, and in general, is a strong example for other players on how brand communication is done right.