Punjab Launches Pakistan’s First Ever Paperless Driver’s License System

In a recent, rather promising development, the Government of Punjab has introduced a paperless driver’s license issuing system for the convenience of the general public. The facility has been made available in Pakistan for the first time ever, which is an admirable achievement for the PTI-led government.

Reports state that this introduction of a brand new system is a result of a collaboration between Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and Central Police Office Rawalpindi.



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The system is believed to be highly efficient and convenient as it offers the issuance of a learner’s permit without requiring any physical documentation, with the exception of a computerized CNIC. Also, the renewal of licenses will be done via a computerized system as well, in a quicker and more efficient fashion.

The only requirement on the license holder’s part, will be of providing the computerized CNIC and the registration fee, which is all fairly standard.


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It is indeed quite fortuitous for this development to take place during such testing times. With the coronavirus wreaking havoc across the country (and the world), it is best that each department ensures a quick and efficient solution for the general public to avoid long queues to ensure their safety.

This is a significant development under the regime of PTI, and one of the boxes ticked off in their vision of digitizing Pakistan. And if we are to remain optimistic, this is perhaps just one of many more developments promised by the government that would change the country for the better.

  • “PTI Led government” Hahahaha Inner youthia never dies.

    On a serious note, Thank you Shahbaz Sharif for establishing PITB and other uncountable projects in Punjab. Sharifs brothers are true heroes of modern Punjab after Raja Ranjeet Singh.

    • Matlab kuch bhi… kuch bhii… yaar kahan Raja Ranjeet Singh kahan shahbaz shareef.. Han Raja Ranjeet Singh ki 9 bewiyan thin.. :-) jis ki 9 bewiyan houn ko kya kerta ho ga.. :-) Skhoun ka mazhabi adimi tha.. kis ki kis kay saat mila rahay ho.. Ko history perho .. bas N ki terhan suni sunae baat.. PTI bhi jitnay pani hay hay sab ko pata hay.. per shahbaz shareed nawaz shareef ka name sun ker perishan na hua kar. is article ma kuch sayasi nahi tha.. per asay hi Raja Ranjeet Singh nikal lia app nay shahbaz shareeb or nawaz shareef kay saat….

  • Sindh has paperless driving licence since years. All the licences, renewal of licences is done in paperless way. Is the page Propakistani or Pro youthia?

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