UnionPay, Keenu & Bank Al Habib Launch Contactless Payments In Pakistan

UnionPay International has announced the launch of UnionPay Quickpass (NFC (Near Field Communication) / Contactless and Host Card Emulation (HCE)) acceptance on Keenu POS terminals in Pakistan through which consumers can make quick payments by tapping their UnionPay cards at KEENU POS terminals at more than 7,000+ merchant locations in Pakistan.

This is the first time any payment scheme, Fintech or Bank has rolled out this service in the Pakistan market to bring more a convenient and secure payment experience.

UnionPay ‘Quickpass’ is an innovative contactless payment solution which aims to mainstream the use of tap and pay transactions.

It is certified with the EMV standards which allows UnionPay Cardholders to seamlessly transact via NFC enabled cards, HCE enabled Mobile app & Smart Phones at a multitude of locations ranging from Grocery stores, Super Markets, Departmental Stores, Restaurants and other merchants. With Fintechs such as Keenu, whose entire POS terminal network is contactless-enabled, QuickPass will be positively disrupting how payments take place in Pakistan.

It is evident that the COVID-19 pandemic is still ravaging global economies through which we have seen a shift in the paradigm of what was considered to be the norm especially for how payments are being made.

WHO has started to promote the use of contactless payments and digital transactions globally have evidenced a boon with a growth of 23% in the last month alone, and the pandemic has also spurred the need for contactless payments for over 30% of global consumers.

In response to the evident need for a safer payment solution and cater to social distancing guidelines, UnionPay has introduced QuickPass/contactless payments in the Pakistan market with its Fintech Partner Keenu as a credible alternative to conventional payments. This solution is especially essential for publicly shared devices such as POS terminals for card contact payment (Magstripe and Chip).

Han Wang, GM UnionPay International Middle East Region, said:

As the bankcard scheme with the largest number of cards issued, we at UnionPay are committed to providing payment ease to our cardholders worldwide. We believe this partnership will bring more benefits to both customers, merchants and the payment ecosystem in Pakistan.

Saad Niazi, COO of Wemsol said,

We are honored and delighted that Keenu is the first merchant acquirer in Pakistan to roll out Quickpass. We strongly believe contactless payments will be instrumental in bringing true digital payments disruption in Pakistan.

Syed Amir Raza from Bank AL Habib has mentioned that the bank has always strived to promote digital payment technologies & solutions, that not only bring convenience to customers, also enhance the customer experience especially in this Covid-19 pandemic.

  • just to remind you, easy paise did introduce nfc sticker long ago. Cards of many card schemes like visa and master cards are now equipped with nfc and chip

  • Contactless payment to kardi coz of Covid-19 laikin yeh uncles raseed pakar k itne jurre K Q kharain hain?…

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