2 Turkish Companies Partner for Biggest Defense Contract for Pakistan’s Stealth Ships

Turkey’s STM has signed an agreement with the state-owned defense contractor ASFAT for the supply of the main drive system of MILGEM Ada Class Corvettes being developed by Turkey for Pakistan.

According to the agreement, STM will deliver and will be responsible for the integration of the main propulsion systems of the MILGEM Corvettes, an indispensable component that powers the movement of a vessel.


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In July 2018, the Pakistan Navy had signed an agreement with ASFAT to acquire 4 MILGEM-class ships to further consolidate its defensive capabilities. The deal is Turkey’s largest-ever single defense export deal with any country.

Under the deal, it was decided that 2 MILGEM-class ships will be constructed in Pakistan while 2 will be built in Turkey.

Earlier this month, Pakistan Navy had formally started the construction of the 2 MILGEM Corvettes at Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works (KSEW), Pakistan Navy’s specialized shipbuilding division.

Turkish Navy had initiated the construction of 2 MILGEM Corvettes last month after a formal ceremony held in Istanbul.

2 MILGEM Corvettes will join the inventory of the Pakistan Navy in 2023 and the remaining 2 will join a year later.


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The MILGEM Ada Class Corvette is a modern stealth patrol and anti-submarine warfare combatant naval ship.

MILGEM is a state-of-the-art surface platform equipped with the modern surface, subsurface, and anti-air weapons, sensors, and combat management systems.

MILGEM is a 326.8 feet long, 47.3 feet wide naval ship and can accommodate 106 naval personnel. It has a displacement capacity of 2,400,000 kg, a maximum range of 6,500 km, and a top speed of 56 km/h.

  • Well done Pakistan Navy. Etrugul and Turkey are my Role models. In the future we should buy everything from Turkey. We can become their long term buyer and we should look at Turkey for our needs. Afterall They are our brothers.

    • @Insafian Yes we cannot produce anything just like Africa. So we should always look for others to meet our needs. Why we are not selling defence equipment just like Turkey?.
      Anyway We have a slave mentality with no self respect. We are looking for Masters all the time. Now Turkey is our new Master.

    • @Insafian These 2 Turkish defence companies are employing more than 10,000 Turkish Engineers, IT professionals, Scientistcs, Technicians and Rsearchers.
      And our Poor country is generating jobs in Turkey?.
      Why we cannot develop companies locally and can generate thousands of Pakistani Hightech jobs?.

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