Fuel Prices Increased by Rs. 25 Per Litre

The federal government on Friday surprised the masses by rising petroleum products by upto Rs 25.58, quoting raise in commodity prices in global market.

The government has increased the price of petrol by Rs25.58 per litre, according to the Ministry of Finance.

The decision was made on the recommendation of the Petroleum Division.

The price of high speed diesel has been increased by Rs. 21.31.

The prices of kerosene and light diesel oil have gone up by Rs23.50 and Rs17.84, respectively.

This increase in Petrolium products Prices will go into effect from tonight 12:00AM 27 June 2020.

Here’s the statement from finance division on this:

  • PSO pumps closed before midnight and stopped selling fuel and waiting for a 25% hike in fuel prices, shame on PTI and Khan…. will vote Khan out of office next time….. cant control fuel mafia and stares ate hindus for revenge and suffer further humiliation

    • Please get educated.
      Imran Khan ordered to increase price 35% (34.32% to be Precise.)
      Please do not quote wrongly.

    • Why shame on PTI or Imran Khan?. Our efforts are genuine and my vote is always for my leader. My Leader has left the life of Luxury for this Jaahil awaam who have no patience. The truth is that most people of Pakistan don’t deserve a Leader like Imran Khan. They have no patience whatsoever. You deserve a Paindoo Party like PMLN. You don’t deserve a Party and a Leader like Imran Khan.

  • A sincere Leader like Imran Khan has to make such bold steps for the better of Pakistan. PMLN and PPPP has looted Pakistan to the extent that now we have no money left. NAB should show no mercy to Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. They are the real reasons behind this increase.

    • OO Khouteyo….. kab tak yehi raag alaaptay raho gay…..
      must observe the ground realities after a period of 2yrs/ 24months/ 102weeks/ 730days/ of bad governance, illmindedness, unlawfulness, bad decisions, null results……..

  • now waiting for AMRAN to emerge from his Methfest room & act all surprised & “TAKE NOTICE” of this illegal rise in prices until which his “SPECIAL ADVISORs” get all the moneys they can loot from poor plebs…….. well done boys in boots.

  • this is the strategy, to low the price by 20 rupees and up by 25 rupees. same as PPP . wo bhi aisa hi karty thy. koi mukhlis nhi hy… pehly 1 rupee barhney per hukomat ka takhta ulat jata tha ab kuch bhi karlein ye log. awam behis ho chuki hy

  • I am disappointed by IK. It is clear that he is incompetent but this doesn’t mean I support PMLN and PPP.

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