June 30th: 2,846 New Cases, 118 Deaths Reported in 24 Hours

Pakistan reported 2,846 new coronavirus cases in the country reported, as daily testing dropped to just 20K, down from its peak of 32K tests few days ago.

We are unsure why testing numbers are going down, even when the disease is far from its peak in the country.


A briefing of the “Corona Experts Working Group” in Lahore explained yesterday that the testing numbers have gone down due to pool testing and no procedure to test inbound international travelers.

They affirmed that daily testing capacity is still like before, in fact it is only increasing.

The working group said that inbound international travelers aren’t tested because positive rate was less than 1% and that such patients were sent homes after tests, so it didn’t make much sense to test every individual for inbound flights.

Regardless of the fact, the testing per day has dropped and it seems to have an impact on the overall positive numbers.

Of all new cases yesterday, more than half or 1,539 cases were from Sindh only while Punjab added 723 new cases in 24 hours.

KP reported 337 new cases (lowest since May 28th), Islamabad 132 new cases (lowest since May 29th) and Balochistan added 50 new cases in 24 hours.

More in below table and graphs:

Total Cases In 24 Hours Tests in 24 Hours Deaths Last 24 Hours
AJK 1,065 16 328 28 00
Balochistan 10,426 50 258 119 03
GB 1,470 28 94 24 00
Islamabad 12,775 132 2,180 128 01
KP 26,115 337 1,877 935 13
Punjab 75,501 723 7,729 1,727 46
Sindh 81,985 1,539 8,464 1,343 74
Total 209,337 2,846 20,930 4,304 118*

*Government’s data showed 118 deaths yesterday, however, when death numbers are added for all regions, there appears to be 137 deaths in 24 hours.

Government, instead said that there were 118 deaths, which means that remaining 19 deaths were probably from earlier day and were not accounted in yesterday’s count.

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